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China with Canada amazon FBA _VIPUTRANS with what Courier company

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-06-25
China send Canada FBA with what Courier company, amazon VIPUTRANS international logistics focus on international express transportation, has ten years experience in transport. VIPUTRANS international flow as a professional Courier logistics leader, able to meet your different demand for express service. Can provide you with more than 200 countries and regions of the world's international air cargo Courier services. We with airlines and ground delivery companies close cooperation enables us to provide you with the most economic cost, the most rapid delivery and optimal effect of aviation express delivery service. We have advanced network technology can provide you with the most accurate. The cargo tracking query information in a timely manner. We integrate various resources by our professional team to provide service for you, to make your company's supply chain logistics system to keep pace with The Times, to help your company benefit. China with Canada amazon FBA note FBA fee structure: FBA fee for A storage fee and shipping fee (B Shipment handling fee and weight handling) Of the total. A storage charges: according to keep in the center of the amazon operation of all goods to calculate the volume and the size of the calculated daily operations center to store goods actually takes up storage space. According to the monthly only for actual takes up space for inventory storage costs. B shipping: by wrapping after receipt of order delivery preparation and bale, etc; Shipment handling fee & throughout; And will be generated when the goods sent to the buyer; Weight handling & throughout; Composition. FBA fee details: 1. Warehouse storage charges will be according to the calendar month and your daily spatial footprint ( In terms of cubic meters) For all stored in amazon Japan's goods distribution center for charge. Any goods on the number of cubic meters will be in accordance with the amazon logistics planning policies, based on the goods, With appropriate packaging, can be delivered directly to the customer) The size of the calculation. Amazon Japan have the right to use its own for the packaging of goods or representative sample of the size and weight of measurement methods, such as the measurement results do not tally with the measured information provided by the seller, the amazon's Japanese measurement results shall prevail. 2. Shipping shipping handling fee picking and packing will be on all the amazon Japan charge has been shipped goods distribution center. 2. FBA commodity label paste service fee product label paste service refers to replace by amazon sellers paste labels optional services. When using this service will charge the following fees. 3. Long-term storage charges on amazon operations center ( Hereinafter referred to as FC) Keeping inventory of more than 365 days, per 10 cm & times; 10厘米× Collect 174 10 cm. Long-term storage fee of 857 yen, calculate once every six months, and charge half a year. 4. Return to give up the cost of ownership return goods and give up the ownership, the following fees will be charged. 5. FBA multi-channel distribution service cash delivery fee FBA multi-channel distribution service orders are specified and commissioned for cash on delivery, need to pay fees. If you want to send Canada FBA do not understand, can find a professional Courier company to send, we VIPUTRANS international logistics, for example, you can communicate with our online customer service for details, of course, other company nature also have a good fast, you can compare.
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