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China to send the international express delivery to Italy to note _VIPUTRANS

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-06-25
China send the international express delivery to Italy to note, the current international express transportation, has become a way of life, just like our daily use taobao and group, is a part of people do not give up, of course, it also cannot leave the cross-border high-speed electric business, where there are people, there is market, and the European and American electricity a high proportion in the global market, it also table generation many domestic need international express mail, small fast today let me share the international Courier to the matters needing attention in Italy, should how to operate to express smoothly arrive in Italy? 1. New Italian government approved a new bill, since January 1, 2019, to the Italian EORI number/VAT number of the company or a taxpayer identification number, Italy personal services must issue electronic invoices. This law also applies to the Italian tariffs on all imported goods invoice, no matter how much the value of the goods. In order to customs clearance and delivery in time, from now on, please make sure that clear display on the commercial invoice or proforma invoice EORI number/VAT number or taxpayer identification number. If you fail to provide the above information, will cause the customs clearance and delivery delays. In addition, the recipient contact way ( It is best to mobile phone number) Must appear on the waybill, so that in the case of lack of useful information to contact the recipient for the above information. 2. Sent to Italy's express contain infectious biological material ( 生物物质的猫。 B, UN3373) And the need to get the Italian ministry of health approval. 3. The following items are banned the import of the Italian: weapons or parts, bearer airline ticket, blank check, pornography, counterfeit goods, animals, cash, precious stones; Weapons, explosives, munitions, The human body; Illegal items, such as ivory and narcotic drugs and so on. Shenzhen international logistics is a professional engaged in cross-border electricity business logistics of export enterprises, as domestic first batch of cross-border electronic business logistics enterprise, we have been as committed to the development of import and export logistics and global cross-border electricity electricity storage to provide professional third-party logistics services, the main European and American, Italian and so on, customers need to send the goods, you can find our online consulting service.
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