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China to overseas logistics, out of a lot of problems?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-06
Logistics items lost, how to find logistics lp claim? Logistics abroad, in particular, the way far away. Recently have finished international logistics were wondering to mr. wang. Logistics, Mr Wang to logistics lp to ask a question, & other; If the logistics, touch the broken furniture and things like that? ” Subsequently, the reporter interviewed the city logistics lp in more formal & other VIPU供应链国际logistics” 。 Ray manager told reporters that their company for damage to the goods in the process of logistics solution is, according to the first item, such as mirrors, vases and other fragile items damaged by workers, they incur compensation. If it is a big furniture, according to damage degree for repair, if customers are not satisfied, can also provide appropriate compensation. But the interview, many small logistics lp few rules, most of them said, & other; Won't appear this kind of problem, really want to appear such problem, then we'll see. ” Lost items to find who is responsible for a reporter survey found that many small international logistics lp in the market now need to put a small AD in corridor, leave a phone number, to recruit several workers set up. They don't train the workers to make, nor to sign labor contract, when there is work, give employees a phone call to come over. The city & other; The old fruit cellar & throughout; Nearby, there is a lot of small scale logistics lp, including a company's staff liu told reporters that live ( The logistics) Are generally sent the three people. Normal fee RMB 100 per trip, higher floor or things are more precious, charge will increase accordingly. “ If live, not to be able to really busy, the boss will hire some temporary workers from anywhere else, anyway also is how much they work, how much money to. ” Mr Liu said. “ If an employer in the process of logistics lost things? How to look for these workers? ” To journalists, Mr Liu is just using & other; This kind of situation rarely & throughout; The journalists. To reporters, to this problem, the most logistics lp said, there will not be lost items. “ Moved countless times, and had no problems, to say, also some & lsquo; Black logistics lp & rsquo; 。 ” When a reporter asked whether logistics lp to & other; Hire workers had corresponding review & throughout; , most companies have said, & other; Can work & throughout; Is ok. Listen to what the lawyer says for some of the problems in the process of logistics, our legal team gives the reply: logistics lp in the process of carrying things, make the goods were damaged, logistics lp for repair it is entirely reasonable. But if the identified, identified as & other; Can't repair & throughout; , logistics lp should compensate the losses caused by the consumers. Logistics lp to hire workers belong to part-time workers, or how much they work, how much money to. Although for this kind of relationship of choose and employ persons, logistics lp can not sign labor contract with the workers, but because of the employment relationship between workers and has been created, such as workers in the working process of the accident harm, logistics lp will employer liability. As workers in the process of logistics stealing items, then walk away, besides workers will bear legal responsibility, logistics lp also should bear the liability for compensation. “ Black logistics” And normal logistics lp, normal logistics lp workers basic it is after appropriate training, at least, is also a veteran with a beginner, big furniture, such as the piano has a corresponding handling technology, rarely go wrong. “ Black logistics” It is difficult to guarantee. So find logistics lp must find formal professional logistics services
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