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China to Mexico _VIPUTRANS logistics price

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-06-27
Cross-border electricity dealer market. Unless the United States, France, Mexico as an emerging market, is a country which we must not miss. Why to say so, because this people's habits and customs with the most similar, is China's electrical contractor of choice for Latin America market. But want to make Mexico's cross-border electricity dealer market, logistics is still a pain points is not to say. Because the international transport is not the same as domestic transportation, international transportation is set by many factors. For example, the price of the logistics, aging, customs clearance, still has become an important factors hinder the seller market into Mexico. That how to solve these pain points, small newsletter with you to understand to understand today. China to Mexico logistics cross-border logistics difficulty how to solve? 1: find a of forwarder company is necessary, because one of forwarding company can help you to the safety of the goods to the destination. 2: China to Mexico logistics price, I in the international logistics website to do this, give you a look at the various channels to Mexico logistics prices. 1: E mail treasure: suitable for small cargo transportation, 0. 5 kg, 1 kg to Mexico need 117 yuan, the channel as part of the season not warehouse channels, season not warehouse, can connect the battery, acceptable built-in battery state is as follows: 1, the us/Russia/Canada/Australia/German/French/British/New Zealand/Italian/Spanish/Japanese/Ukraine / / Sweden, Switzerland, Ireland, Mexico, Norway, Belgium, Finland, the Netherlands, Portugal and other 21 e mail treasure line support to deliver the built-in battery products 2: Singapore registered parcel: 1 kg to Mexico by 142. 58, 2. Weight: 2 kg within; Maximum size restrictions: square goods length + width + high & le; Length 90 cm, unilateral & le; 60厘米; Scroll shape goods: the sum of two times the diameter of the coupled with length & le; Length 104 cm, unilateral & le; 90cm; 3: shenzhen DHL small cost: lifting 0. 5, 166, just not express unilateral length more than 120 cm, whether remote areas, please make your own first query, our company no. 4: the Dutch registered parcel: lifting 0. 5, 166, foreign produce import fee 80 / KG5: Hong Kong DHL - A price: 0. 5 kg, 200. 6, with a significant price advantage, can connect to electricity, only pick up goods, or the brand goods, don't answer the phone products, declare value exceeds 120 usd charge 25 yuan/ticket customs charges, 6: Hong Kong DHL agent price: 0. 5 kg, 216. 78. Acceptable supporting the leakage battery products ( Battery must be with the product, a product can not be with more than two batteries) ! Please do the handover list and waybill note; Supporting the leakage battery & throughout; Or cause a series of consequences! If found many times don't take the initiative to declare or malicious rush shipment, we will charge 100 tickets/handling fee! In addition, 20 kg price, the price is cheaper. 3: China to Mexico logistics can how many days to 3 - express mail to Mexico 7 days can reach, DHL3 days or so to the fastest. 4: what are the common international logistics to Mexico express including EMS, DHL, UPS, TNT, FEDEX, 3 - 7 days so that you can about the 'China to Mexico logistics price, how many days can I get to' information is introduced here today, to select special line logistics, can help you to more of the logistics cost and service.
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