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China to express freight charges in Italy? _VIPUTRANS

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-06-26
Italy is located in southern Europe, mainly by the boots of the peninsula and two in the Mediterranean in the big island of Sicily and sardegna. More and more China's express delivery parcel to Italy, from China to Italy international express price limitation of each foreign trade seller issues of concern. What is the cost then China to Italy? China express roughly as follows: to Italy, Europe express tax: 21 kg below 40 yuan/kg, 70 kg - 21 kg 38 yuan/kg European ordinary tax: 21 kg below 37 yuan/kg to 70 kg - 21 kg (35 yuan/kg to note: rejected strong pure electric, magnetic, white powder, gas, imitation, imitation shape product, food, oil, wood smoke, flammable and explosive chemicals, weapon accessories, knives, adult silicone doll, contraband, such as air embargo sensitive goods! Do not conform to the requirements of the destination country imports of goods cannot be sent! If the price of 21 kg dominant can apply charged according to 21 kg. Closed to vote more than 20 kg, more than a ticket goods, single 10 kg charged according to 10 kg chargeable weight is not enough.
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