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China shipping exports to the United States, what are the process _VIPUTRANS

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-06-26
Looking for a safe and reliable export agent of shipping, and a secure and reliable shipping company, can help you the goods can safe arrival at the port of destination. 1: so how do you where to find a safe and reliable shipping company? Can choose to browse on the Internet, more famous freight representative company, to the best of enterprise information management platform for company registered and operating situation, find qualified good forwarder company cooperation, more secure. China shipping exports to the United States, what are the process? 2: ask about the price, the goods and the ratio of three people, choose the professional shipping and export agent signing, contact the sales staff, to understand the status of the company's price, public advantages and disadvantages, the export of goods process and matters needing attention. Before booking, every cost is understanding in advance, the final price will be preserved, so that in the later date adjustment costs. 3. Submit a payment to the warehouse, booking space, provide information to deliver the goods to freight forwarder's warehouse. Freight forwarder will help to deal with, and typically require the shipper to provide packing list and commercial invoice, individual regions need to information, such as the consignee file, scanning of passport or id card scan. 4. Shipping, customs declaration, paying loading container, the shipper shall provide customs declaration data, check the Marine bill of lading, and shipping the goods payment in two or three days. 5. Keep in touch with the company personnel, timely tracking the goods destination contact freight forwarders, understand the ease of navigation and cargo tracking of goods by sea. 6. After receiving general shipping goods, shipper must provide customs clearance documents. After the clearance of the goods, the consignor shall be at the port of destination as required for inland transportation, the forwarder can offer team to help transport. Shipper security after getting goods, export formalities should go through the sea.
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