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China send it special delivery to Norway _VIPUTRANS use what logistics company

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-06-26
Norway, Norway's international express delivery, China to send it express what logistics company? Choose send it special delivery from the aspects to consider, the four factors, the company advantage, strength, service attitude, the security problem. 1, the company advantage refers to the logistics company you have cooperation which is main countries, as the main line, affirmation is ratio what all go a little countries have more advantages, for example, the Norwegian international dedicated line, the European international dedicated line, this is the special line. 2, the performance of the strength of the first is the company is established companies, operating for several years, says power, as a logistics industry old driver, I have to tell the industry water, deep strength is uneven, some companies doing doing will fall down, all we want to cooperation, can go to some live long, big economic cooperation company. 3, service attitude, is easy to understand, the business of the company have any intention to us to solve the problem. 4, guarantee, our goods was detained goods, meet the customs, customs clearance problems, how to solve, do you have any plan, minimum compensation for security is much, have a open and fair, is very important, about our interests. Shenzhen VIPUTRANS international logistics company focus on international express transportation, has ten years experience in transport. Directly with the four major express official, DHL/UPS/EMS/FEDEX cooperation, first class agents of the four major express delivery, the price is equivalent to 2 - official 5 fold; And with multiple independent operating routes the empty Shanghai Europe empty Shanghai green health piece clearance mode. We will with our professional and in logistics link maximizes the value of goods for you, logistics information construction, to improve the customer experience, operation process standardization and humanization, customer service to create the win-win every link. With professional logistics solutions and efficient service to win the majority of customers trust and praise, in the future we will unswervingly, to become leader of cross-border electronic business logistics, permanent partners the vision of our client, we will with our professional and maximizes the value of goods for you in logistics links. Channel advantage; European FBA the FBA Japan FBA Canada FBA Singapore FBA FBA FBA Mexico in the Middle East India FBA channels such as tax is complete! Aging stability and security. Single customs clearance, not to rush the goods, not conceal, double clear line operation experience for many years, familiar with local customs, inspection rate is low, release soon! Deferred, European import VAT exemption from import VAT and alleviate the pressure of the peak season ready for the money! Rules and not expensive, zero button. Railway sea empty send a complete set of service warehouse advantage: we have our own retail outlets, operations center and warehouse, average monthly package reach more than thousand, in Britain, the United States, France, Germany, Korea, and other countries and the local logistics business established strategic partner relationship, at the same time my company and foreign brands to develop logistic cooperation, channels to provide security for our company. Logistics advantage: we have with the international Courier giant UPS, FedEx, DHL, TNT and other international express company established a first class agents of the legal relationship, and many famous airlines in the world to establish a long-term relations of cooperation.
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