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China's express delivery price to Spain, to Spain _VIPUTRANS express freight prices

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-06-26
International logistics ( www。 guojiwuliu。 net/) For Chinese individuals, businesses, cross-border electricity to provide rapid economic China to France express logistics service, provide door-to-door pick-up service across the country, can quickly and easily send abroad express delivery price and time to Spain international express because, unlike destination delivery and jet fuel, cost change, please contact customer service consultation. We provide a wide range of express service to Spain, each service delivery time is different, please see the service concrete is introduced. Express the latest price list to Spain Europe express tax 42 (Spain 21公斤以上) 40 ( 70KG+) 39 ( 100KG+) 38. 5 ( 300公斤+) 38 ( 500KG+) International express is the price at any time change, the price is only for your reference, need to know the detailed price, please consult our customer service or call: to state, city, zip code, good for you to check the price of the most accurate
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