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China logistics how to bargain to the Japanese? How long does it take? What note is there?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-06
Linhai, Japan all around so many domestic ports, shipping developed. At close range between China and Japan, the choice is very economical and convenient way of shipping. So, how much China logistics shipping freight to Japan? How long does it take? VIPU international logistics Supply Chain will be detailed answers for you. Volume of items the price of China to Japan by sea freight logistics, logistics way, way of shipping, to Japan by sea freight prices VIPU international logistics Supply Chain can provide you with customized logistics solution for you, to make your trip to logistics worry-free. China to Japan by sea freight prices according to your personal circumstances, such as goods volume, from where to move to wait for all sorts of factors. VIPU international Supply Chain can be according to your situation for you to customize different moving home. We will arrange professional staff to come to you need to carry goods fine evaluation measurement, and then according to the scheme of measuring the volume production of a variety of shipment and quotation for your choice, let you to have clear concept and select the appropriate service. China shipping to Japan how to run it, how long does it take to shipping logistics to Japan, VIPU Supply Chain international one-stop door to door logistics solutions, from door to door measurement evaluation, packing, customs clearance, delivery to the door, the assembly furniture, health, cleaning and so on many logistics link has a set of international professional standard operating process. Shipped to Japan there are two ways, one is the whole ark, suitable for a large quantity of goods, time is fast, about 10 - 15 days or so; Another kind is LCL, suitable for goods quantity is little, tend to gather together enough for a container, then sent to Japan, so need to wait for the time will be longer, usually need 1 - 2 months time. Shipping logistics to Japan what need to pay attention to studying in the international logistics, baggage, private goods transport to the port of Japan, the Japanese customs officers will be on entry items whether have contraband and whether tax inspection, whether it can meet the requirements of the immigration customs entry is the key to your furniture, goods in Japan. Famous brand such as knockoffs, drops in unknown circumstances counterfeit goods carry, if was found by customs, items will be confiscated. The above situation, the income will not be further shall be investigated for legal responsibility, but if in the case of known from entry, there is no doubt that will constitute a crime. Cattle, pigs, sheep and poultry meat ( Including beef jerky) , visceral and processed meat, Ham, hot dogs, bacon, drying of material, etc. ) Soil, with soil of plants, fruit. Ivory, ivory, and part of the animal specimens, fur, leather products, such as Washington treaty in the designated products, processed products to protect animals. Other plants and animals/has not been specified, it is must be subject to quarantine inspection and quarantine counter in Japan. Part of the Chinese medicine has designated is prohibited to carry into the product. Cosmetics and pharmaceuticals can carry entry but quantity limited ( Within a 24 cosmetics) 。 7, fruits, plants, flower seeds, and meat products, etc. , besides have inspect the export goods sold in the airport can't into the territory. Fish products. No matter from which country's visitors, to enter into Japanese territory is not the need for vaccination. But if they are carrying animals and plants of entry and exit, have some limitations.
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