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China-Europe Express: Rewriting the history of

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-07-31
On April 3, the China-Europe Express (Yuxinou) 'China Post' first special train was sent from Chongqing Tuanjiecun Station (photo by drone). The picture shows the first line of postal parcels sent out in the country. Photo by reporter Tang Yi

   On April 3, the China-Europe Express (Yuxinou) 'China Post' first special train was sent from Chongqing Tuanjiecun Station (photo by drone). The picture shows the first line of postal parcels sent out in the country. Photo by reporter Tang Yi

   On May 31, a China-Europe Express train loaded with international mail slowly departed from Chongqing Tuanjiecun Station. It will arrive in Vilnius, Lithuania in about 10 days, and then distribute the mail to 36 European countries including Spain, Denmark, Switzerland, and France.

   This is the 10th international parcel train issued by Chongqing since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic. During the epidemic, global shipping and air transportation were blocked, and China-Europe Express became a new channel for international mail distribution, playing an important role in maintaining the stability of the global supply chain.

As a new postman on the “Belt and Road”, the China-Europe Railway Express has delivered satisfactory answers in this international mail evacuation. It is the innovative exploration of the post, customs and Chongqing City over many years-relying on the China-Europe Railway Express ( Yuxinou) break through the international railway transportation ban, build new rules for international railway transportation, and rewrite the history of international railway transportation.

  Open up a new channel for international mail emergency evacuation

   After the outbreak, the backlog of international mail across the country exceeded 1,500 tons. In this regard, my country has decided to use the China-Europe express train to carry out emergency evacuation of mail originally planned to be sent by air through the three major international exchange offices of Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen.

  Chongqing City cooperated with China Post and the General Administration of Customs to innovate the system and mechanism, relying on the China-Europe Express (Chongqing-Xin-Europe), took the lead in opening a new channel for the backlog of international mail.

'China Post has cooperated with the General Administration of Customs, Chongqing Municipality and other parties to establish temporary transit postal routes at 8 ports including Tianjin, Yiwu, Nanchang, Changsha and Nanning.' said Zhou Xinfeng, general manager of Chongqing Branch of China Post. The parties have formulated a new procedure for the transfer of China-Europe Express (Chongqing, Xin-Europe) to Chongqing, and diverted mail originally planned to be sent by air through the three major international exchange offices of Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen to Chongqing, and used the China-Europe Express (Yuxin-Europe) Carry out emergency evacuation.

   On April 3, the country's first international postal parcel train-the China-Europe Express (Yuxinou) 'China Post Number' officially departed in Chongqing. It carried 42 boxes of international mail and arrived in Lithuania 10 days later, and then distributed to Spain, Denmark, Switzerland, France and other European countries.

“During the epidemic, the China-Europe Express (Yuxinou) will operate a special postal package at a frequency of 1 to 2 per week based on the mail buildup.” said Xu Runqiu, Manager of Marketing Center of Yuxinou Chongqing Logistics Co., Ltd., China-Europe Express (Yuxinou) (New Europe) The total amount of evacuation mail accounts for about 1/3 of the total amount of evacuation mail in the country. At present, there are still more than 70 parcel containers waiting to be dispatched at Chongqing Port.

  According to the introduction, the Lithuanian route of this postal parcel train has more advantages than the previous Polish route in terms of price, transit time and coverage of the country. At present, the Lithuanian Post is able to transport a larger range of European mail, expanding the range of postal parcels to 36 European countries.

'At the critical moment of global epidemic prevention and control, Chongqing, as the country’s first railway postal pilot city, has provided an important material guarantee channel between China and Europe through the China-Europe Express (Chongqing-Xinjiang-Europe). Chongqing has become a national emergency package for international parcels. One of the important regions for transportation.' Xu Runqiu said.

Now it’s not just Chongqing, but also the China-Europe Express International Parcel Express in Yiwu, Guangzhou and other places. The international parcels carried include tens of thousands of cross-border e-commerce goods such as clothing, toys, and electronic products, as well as Europe. Anti-epidemic materials urgently needed by the country.

   After years of exploration and rewriting the history of railway transportation

   The successful operation of the China-Europe Express International Parcel Train has benefited from the rewriting of the international railway postal regulations. For many years before, postal parcels have been prohibited items by international railways.

   In 2011, the country's first China-Europe express line-'Yuxinou' was born in Chongqing, providing a new channel for international mail transportation. However, the 'International Railway Freight Transport Agreement' promulgated by the Organization for Railway Cooperation (OSJD) in 1956 stipulates that 'postal special transport items are not allowed to be transported in international railway direct freight transport.'

'In order to change this situation, Chongqing first organized the domestic segment test of the China-Europe Express (Chongqing-Xin-Europe) postal service to find out the basic situation.' Xu Runqiu said, and then coordinated with the General Administration of Customs and China Post to propose the use of China-Europe The idea of ??express (Chongqing-Xin-Europe) expressing postal services in countries along the route.

After the efforts of Chongqing Municipality, China Post, General Administration of Customs and other parties to coordinate and strive for, in June 2014, the Railway Cooperation Organization held a meeting of the Transport Law Special Committee in Lithuania to discuss and adopt a new version of the Agreement on International Railway Freight Transport. Relevant expressions for special postal items.

At the China (Chongqing) Cross-border E-commerce Post High-level Forum held in April 2016, the postal services of the countries along the route formally established in the form of the 'Chongqing Declaration' that “countries cooperate to use the China-Europe Railway Adapted to the principle of land transportation.

In March 2017, the UPU Business Council established an ad hoc working group on railway transportation and postal services, with China as the chair country, and took the lead in conducting joint research on international railway transportation and postal services with the World Customs Organization, relevant international railway organizations and countries along the China-Europe railway line. Rules and standards work.

   “In the whole process, the parties held more than 30 meetings and more than 300 emails exchanged. The progress was very difficult.” The project manager of Chongqing International Express Branch who witnessed the whole process recalled Gou Meilun.

   In May 2016, Chongqing became the country's first railway postal pilot city approved by the General Administration of Customs. The postal test of the China-Europe Express Express also started immediately. After many test failures, in October 2016, the China-Europe Express (Yuxin-Europe) outbound shipping test was successful; in November 2018, the first return postal test of the China-Europe Express (Yuxin-Europe) was successful, marking With the completion of the China-Europe Express (Chongqing-Xinou-Europe) two-way test of railway postal transportation, the history of railway postal transportation has been completely rewritten.

During the testing process, Chongqing Customs implemented a series of innovations in the customs clearance model, such as the first application of security smart locks to the supervision of the China-Europe Express (Chongqing-Xin-Europe) domestic section, and the realization of security intelligence through customs at the place of departure, transit and exit It is the first time to realize the data sharing of customs clearance and postal operation system on the China-Europe Railway Express; third, it is the first time to realize the electronic customs clearance of China-Europe international railway transportation and post.

   China Post took the UPU’s Railway Transport and Post Task Force as a platform to take the lead in formulating the 'Guidelines for Railway Postage Work' with guiding significance at the international organization level, which has become the rules and standards for international freight forwarding.

   Today, the international railway postal delivery model initiated by Chongqing has been gradually replicated and extended to domestic cities such as Yiwu and Zhengzhou, and finally played a key role during the epidemic.

  Explore the normalization mechanism of China-Europe Express Express

   This international mail emergency evacuation is generally regarded as an excellent opportunity to explore international railway mail transportation. Industry insiders suggest that Chongqing and other places can explore the mechanism of normalization of international railway transportation and promote the realization of large-scale and normalization of China-Europe railway express mail.

Gou Meilun said that with the rise of cross-border e-commerce 'global shopping' craze, a large number of 'fragmented' parcels are shipped to the world every year, but the traditional international postal routes are mainly concentrated in sea and air transportation, transportation capacity is obviously insufficient, and sea transportation is time-consuming. Long, the air freight volume is small and the cost is too high. If parcels can be transported through the China-Europe Express, it will be able to take advantage of its 'lower cost than air transport and shorter time than sea transport' and boost the development of cross-border e-commerce.

'Previously, the imperfect logistics system was the biggest obstacle restricting the development of cross-border e-commerce. China-Europe Express Express has the advantages of fixed time, fewer types of prohibited and restricted mailings, and freedom from weather restrictions, which will help break the development of cross-border e-commerce. Logistics bottleneck.” Li Wenguang, a merchant operating electronic products on AliExpress, said that domestic consumers can “buy all over the world” with their fingers, and enjoy famous and excellent products from all over the world, and more “Made in China” 'You can also take this to the world.

   Currently, Chongqing is working hard to improve the transshipment efficiency of China-Europe Express Express and reduce the cost of transshipment, so as to give full play to the comparative advantages of China-Europe Express over sea and air transportation.

“Previously, China-Europe Express Express used Poland as a transshipment port, but there is room for improvement in transshipment efficiency and transshipment costs.” Gomelun said that during the epidemic, China Post and Lithuania Post had repeatedly communicated and confirmed, and Lithuania Post made it clear that it can Large-scale mail transshipment work has been completed, and the transshipment efficiency and transshipment cost have been significantly improved compared with Poland. Recently, the international postal parcel trains in Chongqing, Yiwu, Guangzhou and other places have all opened Lithuanian routes.

Gou Meilun calculated an account: 'In the previous Polish route, the delivery time for mail to European customers was about 30 days, while the Lithuanian route was shortened to about 18 days, and the freight per kilogram of mail was also nearly lower than the Polish route. 30 yuan.'

   In addition, a number of industry insiders suggested to coordinate the differentiated development of various domestic China-Europe trains and improve service quality. At present, Chongqing, Yiwu, Zhengzhou, Dongguan and other cities have opened railway postal services. The international postal services of each city have a certain overlap in business and target customers. It is possible to coordinate and coordinate local China-Europe trains, give full play to their respective geographical advantages, and provide differentiated services. Postal services, work together to promote the large-scale and normalized operation of China-Europe Express Express.

'In the future, the large-scale and normalization of China-Europe express postal services will extend the communication between China and the regions along the'Belt and Road' from the main artery to the capillary.' Li, executive vice president and secretary general of China Container Industry Association Muyuan said that this is of great significance for maintaining the stability of the global supply chain and industrial chain, and promoting the deepening of the “Belt and Road” initiative.
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