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China Cargo successfully received and transported

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-07-26
Years ago, the Marketing Department of China Cargo successfully delivered two ultra-wide and ultra-high truck cranes with a unit weight of 32.2 tons from Zoomlion, and they were successfully loaded into the COSCO CHINA ship cabin on February 16 and shipped to Buenos Aires.

The marketing department received an inquiry from customers one week before the Spring Festival holiday, and immediately contacted COSCO Container Lines GSD, MOC and the Asia-Pacific trade zone to make an external quotation and negotiate the loading plan. After getting the customer's shipment confirmation, the salesperson Chang Yina rushed to the warehouse to coordinate the packing, and suddenly found that the packing plan set by the customer would make the length exceed the declared size by 1.4 meters and the height by nearly 1 meter. Xiaochang transmits photos to the MOC in real time on site, and re-draws the packing and lashing plan with the customer under the guidance of the stowage captain. After several adjustments, the large parts are steadily fixed and tied to the frame box, which meets the conditions for loading into the large cabin, which can not only occupy less space before the festival, but also ensure the safety of heavy-load frame cargo.

The bulky cargo enters the Yangshan Phase I terminal. The on-site personnel of Shanghai China Cargo and the business personnel of China Cargo Company constantly update the cargo loading dynamics. The on-site captain reconfirmed the plan for loading the bulky cargo into the ship's large cabin...

In this way, with the strong support of GSD, MOC, Asia Pacific Trade Area and Shanghai China Cargo, China Cargo Co., Ltd. shipped the first batch of bulky items smoothly in the New Year. The customer was highly affirmed for China Cargo's dedicated attitude, and immediately received a second inquiry from the customer.
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