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China block train container to Europe rail freight service

China rail container shipping service to Europe block train

with " One Belt One Road" policy, The Silk Route development is much more than just a simple political tool, it helps us to change the transport modes from Air-Ocean to rail and in the meantime reduce the transportation time.

Strong growth in container volumes has lead to a dramatic fall in the cost of rail shipping containers from China to central Asia and Europe block train, with rates crashing by almost 70 percent.

the average railway express price to transport a 40HQ container from China to Poland or Germany is now about $4,000 with a transit time of 15 to 18 days. That compares with about $9,000 to ship the same container from Shanghai to Warsaw in 2010, according to a United Nations comparative study on Europe-Asian transport links.

Viputrans provide the container block train service, China-Europe freight trains both for FCL and LCL China railway express business in Zhengzhou / Suzhou / Yiwu / Chongqing / Chengdu / Wuhan / Hefei / Changsha / Xi'an / Xiamen Cities between China and Europe. also weekly LCL rail freight container consolidation service from Hefei / Wuhan / Changsha / Xi'an / Chengdu / Xiamen / Yiwu / Nanjing to Poland,Germany, Netherlands, Czech, Hungary, Finland, England, Russia, Italy, Slovakia, Austria, Norway, etc.

Viputrans expand services to air&sea&rail intermodal transport, cross-border e-commerce, international postal transportation, international supply chain logistics business with value-added service & bonded warehouse except for FCL and LCL railway freight services. In particular, the group can provide one-stop door to door service through the business network in Europe. 

Value-added services

The main purpose of value-added services is to shorten the completion time of orders, reduce the inventory of factories, reduce logistics costs by providing services such as sorting, packaging, and matching, thereby reducing the total cost of finished products.

● Sorting/matching services

● VMI / WMS professional system

● Labeling / Tagging Service/Pallet Service

● Packaging split / integration

● Simple assembly service

● Maintenance/repair services

● Basic quality inspection services

LCL rail container shipping service to Europe main cities with China-Europe block train line
FCL rail container shipping service to Europe main stations with China-Europe block train line

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