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China and India in Japan warehouse logistics robot _VIPUTRANS 'picking'

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-06-27
Japanese media said the emerging markets of robot companies are successively into Japanese logistics field. China Shanghai fast storehouse intelligent science and technology through the sales company, started to sell to Japan this summer, automatic handling robot, personnel engaged in the work of goods extraction can be reduced to a quarter, and the introduction of low cost. Grey Orange also originated in India and Japan's daiwa house industry to launch a marketing campaign, such as develop labor shortages ShengLiHua demand in Japan. According to 'Japanese economic news' web site reported recently, fast warehouse intelligent technology has recently established through December 2018 sales company & ndash; — Quicktron Japan to start the business, the robot program applied to electric business operators and other logistics facilities, strive to about 2019 annual sales of 200 units. According to the report, in charge of the extraction of goods; Picking & throughout; After employees to reach areas, handling robot will be ordering goods to store shelves. Into a gap at the bottom of the racks, together with the shelf handling to the picking workers. In picking workers take out the necessary number, robots can be put back to the shelf storage area. Picking staff without looking for goods move around. Using the embedded core system to master the position of the robot of artificial intelligence, to be near the goods shelves of robot pickup instructions. According to the report, fast storehouse intelligent technology was established in 2014, has been sent to China's alibaba group's warehouse delivery around 700 of handling robot, a total of about 5000 units have been put into use. In China's electricity large-scale promotional activities; Double 11 & throughout; Period such as a large number of goods picking the study of artificial intelligence, and accumulated to become shorter distances method, the robot can improve working efficiency. According to the report, in Japan, manufacturing logistics facilities ShengLiHua equipment such as taifook also many. Japanese companies in the transport of goods of the conveyor, and other areas of the fixed type robot has advantages, in a large warehouse, compared with the automatic handling robot, possesses the advantages of faster finish the homework, but fast warehouse handling robots don't need to warehouse of intelligent technology reconstruction can be introduced on a large scale. Price was only about two thirds of fixed type to a half, the introduction of the time required to also is only about half. , according to reports in the Japanese labor shortage, looking for overseas automatic handling robot is a lot of business opportunities. India's Grey Orange; 管家” Adopted by large-scale integrated household enterprises like bird company. This fall, the company plans to machine tool wholesaler's logistics warehouse delivery the saitama prefecture about 70 Butler. In addition, China's extremely ZhiJia ( 极客+) Into Japan in 2017, by large garment enterprises such as the introduction. According to the report, investigation company Fuji economic statistics show that in 2025 to Japan's market a new generation of logistics systems and services ( Including Japanese companies overseas performance) Is about 3. 9 trillion yen, growth in 89 than in 2017. 1%. While Labour shortages cannot resolve, electric dealer market is expanding, ShengLiHua demand is improving. Even in the realm of Japan have advantages, competition from overseas enterprises will become increasingly fierce.
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