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Children's shoes are sent to Amazon in the United States

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-08-16
Miss Li, who is in the business of children's shoes in Dongguan, has never stopped ordering. American customers have also ordered batches of children's shoes. After Ms. Li searched for weekly specials through Baidu, she contacted VIPUTRANS American special line logistics Xiaoying to inquire about the price of 440kg children's shoes by American sea to door special line.

Ms. Li’s American customer kelly opened a children’s shoe store in Montana, USA. It has been two years of cooperation with Ms. Li. Children’s shoes have been selling very well. Naturally, replenishment is very frequent. This time, 440kg of children’s shoes need to be sent to Mongolia in the United States. Canada. Xiaoying arranged for salesperson Kenny to contact Ms. Li for a quote. The ocean freight to Montana will be quoted at the special price of the week, saving about a few hundred yuan in ocean freight at a time. Miss Li was worried that the special service and timeliness could not keep up. Kenny answered patiently. The channels are all the same. The weekly specials are only limited to the current week. It is the company's preferential benefit, so the US shipping to door dedicated line service and timeliness can be assured. of.

It takes about 15 days to arrive at the port by sea, and about 7 days for customs clearance, container picking, sorting and arranging trucks, which will be delivered directly by American trucks to the customer address in Montana. After communication and comparison, this is reached with Miss Li on the third day. In the second shipping agreement, 440kg children's shoes will go to the US shipping-to-door special line every week to save more money.
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