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Children's clothing selection FBA shipping

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-08-16
Mr. Zhou is the sales manager of a certain company. Their company is mainly engaged in import and export business. Recently, his company signed a business with a US customer. That US customer is mainly engaged in children's clothing business. For children's clothing, Mr. Zhou learned about VIPUTRANS through his peers, and consulted the online customer service Xiaomei, how long does it take to take the US air freight to the door?

Mr. Zhou searched for VIPUTRANS American logistics line through Baidu. Because the children's clothing produced by Mr. Zhou is of good quality, American customers are very interested in Mr. Zhou's clothing, and the timeliness requirements are very fast. The company arranged for Lisa, a salesperson, to receive Mr. Zhou and answer questions about 'U.S. Air Transport Double Clearance to Door'.

Lisa informed Mr. Zhou that VIPUTRANS is affordable. The US air freight double-clear to-door fee is a negotiated price with customers. There will be no hidden costs in the middle. The middle operation is also very simple. The customer does not need to provide any information. You only need to provide cargo information and receiving information. After understanding, Mr. Zhou felt that the price was transparent and easy, and the operation was simple, so he immediately signed a transportation agreement with VIPUTRANS. Moreover, the price of air freight in the United States is double-cleared to the door, including customs declaration, customs clearance, and delivery. The cost is all-inclusive, and no other hidden charges are charged. Adopting international algorithm, unique kg billing, the system inquires the price and cost details, and will never lose on the freight.
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