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Ceramic tableware is sent to Amazon by FBA by air

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-08-26
Ms. He intends to ship a batch of tableware to New Hampshire-NH, and entrust VIPUTRANS logistics freight forwarding platform to act as an agent for the export and transportation of products.

This transportation needs to transport the goods from Miss He’s domestic factory to the customers in New Hampshire -NH. Through the VIPUTRANS logistics freight forwarding platform business manager kenny has communicated with Miss He many times and assisted Miss He to register the consignment. List of goods details.

Kenny, the business manager of VIPUTRANS logistics and freight forwarding platform, learned that Miss He has tableware that needs to be exported and transported. She first understood Miss He's requirements and concerns about transportation, and answered these questions one by one.

According to what we learned after communication between the two parties, Kenny, the business manager of VIPUTRANS logistics freight forwarding platform, provided Ms. He with two sets of transportation solutions.

The first set of plans is to load American shipping company containers from Shenzhen warehouse to New Hampshire-NH. The transportation plan includes door-to-door freight, packaging materials, customs declaration/clearance materials and the advantages and disadvantages of the transportation plan.

The second set of plans is air transport from Shanghai Airport to the United States. This plan is better than the first set of plans in terms of effectiveness, delivery, packaging construction unit, delivery and provision of customs declaration information. The two plans have different advantages and disadvantages, but after comprehensive evaluation and consideration by both parties, Miss He decided to adopt the second set of plans given by the business manager to ensure that the goods can be delivered to New Hampshire-NH quickly and safely.
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