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Ceramic products go to US fba shipping to choose VIPUTRANS

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-08-12
Ms. Xu is from Chaozhou, Guangdong. She is the e-commerce operation manager of a ceramic products company. The company mainly sells ceramic cups, ceramic bottles and ceramic handicrafts, which are exported throughout the United States. Miss Xu recently planned to send a shipment to the Amazon warehouse in the United States, so she found VIPUTRANS logistics through a Google search for 'Amazon Shipping Door-to-Door'. Miss Xu saw that VIPUTRANS is an international freight forwarder focusing on Sino-US special line shipping. She also browsed on the website After studying a lot of related logistics cases, I contacted the customer service of the website for communication and consultation. After a brief understanding, I also left my contact information and waited for the salesman to make a quotation.

Soon the VIPUTRANS salesperson, TOM, called Ms. Xu to understand the specific product volume information and the specific design of the transportation. Through communication, TOM learned that Ms. Xu had cooperated with many freight forwarders before. However, due to various factors that have not been able to last for a long time, such as price aging, product damage is the most common problem, so Miss Xu has a lot of concerns about these problems, and VIPUTRANS here expresses that the goods will be transported reasonably, while the products It is also recommended to pay more attention to the packaging to avoid these damage problems. Ms. Xu also said that there are about 15 squares of goods sent to the Amazon warehouse in the United States this time, and it needs to be cleared by sea.

The salesperson TOM also made a quotation based on Miss Xu's cargo volume and also informed that the shipping time to her designated Amazon warehouse in the United States is about 24 days. Ms. Xu has also gone through the goods before, and is more clear about these time-sensitive prices. After accounting, she also gladly accepted this transportation plan. After Miss Xu provided relevant information, the salesperson TOM immediately arranged for the driver to pick up the goods and remind the driver to pay attention to the safety of the goods. After the goods are collectively transported to our warehouse, they can be shipped as soon as the shipping schedule arrives. Follow-up VIPUTRANS will also give Miss Xu timely logistics information, allowing customers to fully grasp the situation of cargo transportation, and follow up in time regardless of any problems. This is also an important factor for VIPUTRANS to satisfy all customers.

VIPUTRANS’s US shipping prices have always been very advantageous, because we focus on US transportation and have more than ten years of operating experience in Sino-US dedicated line transportation. So no matter if you have FCL, LCL, or bulk cargo transportation needs, we can carry out safe and efficient transportation according to your requirements, so that you can rest assured throughout the process!
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