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Central European trains leave Germany old industrial cities, new _VIPUTRANS

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-06-25
Duisburg, Germany businessmen Sue adebayor & middot; Du pull yanukovich runs a truck driver training school. He found that in recent years the van driver is becoming more and more high demand, in the local enterprises even loan facility staff to participate in the training, employees get a driver's license on duty immediately after work. ; One important reason is that the logistics industry is booming duisburg, while China's proposed & lsquo; One Belt And One Road & rsquo; Initiative to promote the development of logistics industry. ” Du yanukovich told reporters. As; One Belt And One Road & throughout; Initiative of the advance of key project of central trains, duisburg has become an important node of the central European trains in Western Europe. Exchanges between Yu Dezhong volumes increase, not only to increase the local employment, also prompted the traditional old industrial city in the ruhr industrial area, found the transformation development way. Reporter recently visited found duisburg, port facilities in the expansion, an abandoned near the Rhine paper mill has been turned into a new container terminal. In duisburg inland port, near the German railway company is building new freight station, because the original terminal is saturated. Trains important collection and distribution center in central Europe duisburg DIT terminal due to the volume surge, terminal newly bought the 200000 square meters of land, and truck drivers hiring more. Duisburg each big freight station, all show the busy scene. Trucks carrying the container in and out, including central European trains specialized blue white box. The increase of railway freight volume, pushing up demand for truck drivers, truck drivers monthly income has increased to around 5000 euros. Du pull yanukovich see business opportunities, he is going to the future training truck driver from the current number of 400 people a year up to 1000 people a year. In the Bundestag's caucus, city of duisburg, former chairman of China affairs commissioner, Johannes & middot; Puff lugar told reporters that central trains every week 3 columns, from 2014 up to now a week from zhengzhou, chengdu, chongqing, hefei, xi 'an, changsha, yiwu and other places of 35 to 40, stimulate the duisburg the rapid development of port industry, has created 6000 jobs. Executive vice mayor of duisburg foer Kerr & middot; Moss buller said to the reporter, depend on the port of jobs in the city a total of about 46000, so 6000 jobs not decimal. Duisburg in development. Besides expanding of inland waterway transport port and rail freight yard, duisburg many municipal facilities are under renovation. Highway system in the maintenance, the main railway station square before they are building new business centre, city expanding, southern city of some of the new urban planning has already started to build. However, the taxi driver juergen experience reminded reporters that duisburg wasn't always so prosperous. ; Are you from wuhan? ” The reporter was surprised juergen question. Originally, fast 60 juergen was metallurgical engineers, 1989 went to wuhan steel guide the technical work. However in the 1990 s, with the decline of duisburg, iron and steel industry, he lost his job. The second industrial revolution in the 1970 s, duisburg rise along with the local heavy industries such as coal and steel, and decline together. Duisburg - Essen, a professor at the university, the Confucius institute of the ruhr urban Germany dean marcus & middot; TaoBei told reporters, after the decline of heavy industry, duisburg, there has been no find new way of development, has experienced nearly 20 years of stagnation, until five or six years ago. TaoBei said, duisburg, adjacent to the Western Europe main channel, the Rhine river has perfect inland waterway transport, railway and highway transportation network. In; One Belt And One Road & throughout; Construction, duisburg gained new momentum of development, logistics become the new growth point. ; We are a German & lsquo; China town & rsquo; 。 ” Moss buhler told reporters, duisburg and Chinese roots, and wuhan in 1982 became the first pair between the two countries friendly city. Now, with China's accelerated the economic transformation of duisburg. Duisburg economic promotion board to China business development manager tells a reporter, duisburg has three characteristics: one is; Iron man & throughout; , this is still the leading European steel center; 2 it is; The terminator & throughout; Because the coal production has completely ended here. ; The third is & lsquo; Transformers & rsquo; Duisburg are from the traditional heavy industry city, the transformation into a logistics city now. The trains driving the transformation of central Europe. ” To say.
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