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Central European trains carrying goods packaging specifications _VIPUTRANS logistics

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-06-25
Through the china-eu trains require the goods delivery goods packaging and safety of the whole process of transportation is the primary operation quality assurance, good packing is the precondition of the goods packing and transportation safety. According to the early stage of the packing and the problems existing in the packing of the goods in the form of goods packaging standards are summarized. According to the carton box plate goods or goods, special cargo. A, carton packing standard: 1, the rules of the cartons without deformation, without damage, without opening; 2, carton no get wet, be affected with damp be affected with damp; 3, carton outside pollution-free, rich, etc; 4, carton sealing integrity; 5, clear logo on carton, indicate the nature of the goods and packing requirements; 2: wooden pallet the goods packed in wooden case and pallet if goods do not conform to the requirements of the transportation, packing for the protection of the goods itself is not proper role, will also affect the transport and loading and unloading operation, need from the customer factory first completes the package. Wooden pallet packing standard: 1, the deformation of the tray has no legs, get wet, damaged, be affected with damp be affected with damp, etc. ; 2, the lateral deformation loopholes, pollution, fat, etc. ; More than 3, tap bearing weight cargo weight; 4, the outer packing and tap or cargo reinforced and firm, self-contained; 5, seal integrity of goods; 6, reasonable is put inside the goods, strengthening effective, avoid shaking within the packaging; 7, wooden cases or pallets indicate the nature of the goods, include the following: 1) Stacked layers and weight restrictions; 2) The center of gravity position of goods; 3) Weight and size of goods; 4) Whether the fragile etc; 5) Dangerous goods identification. Three: special goods for weight overweight goods in five tons of goods, because the goods is heavier, in the process of logistics, transport and unloading packing operation is difficult, have higher requirements to the packing of the goods, if overweight goods packaging does not conform to the requirements can lead to damaged goods and container. Overweight goods packaging and packing requirements: 1, freight collet adopts four channel structure, and satisfies the requirement of container heavy cargo tray ( 40 feet container floor biggest bearing the weight of 1 ton square meters, 20 feet container floor maximum bearing weight for 2 tons per square meter) ; 2, the packaging strong enough to support cargo ( Crane unloading) with a bandage And packing requirements. 3, tray strength enough to support its own weight of goods, in the process of unloading and loading will not produce wood fracture. There are no screw, nut, flat at the bottom of the tray, or the rest of the bulging parts, to avoid damage to container. 5, goods packaging meet the wooden pallet packing standards. Remark: if the goods packing fragile or the goods cannot be stacked, at the time of booking, please fill out the booking information truthfully fill in, Whether can be stacked, whether for fragile, whether for general cargo) , the information is part of the goods in the container goods packaging. If for any problems caused by the packing problems will be borne by the shipper themselves.
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