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'Cargo first' promotes high-quality development

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-07-20
Zhengzhou Airport's passenger and cargo volume maintains 'double first' in central China
   Dark night starlight is more shining. Due to the impact of the epidemic, Henan Airport Group Co., Ltd. has been spreading news despite the continuing downturn in the national civil aviation market.

Since March of this year, the number of cargo flights and cargo and mail throughput of Zhengzhou Airport has been steadily increasing. In April and May, the monthly growth rate for two consecutive months ranked first in the country, and the monthly monthly cargo growth rate reached 60.8% in May. .

In the first five months of this year, Zhengzhou Airport’s passenger and cargo transportation has entered a rapid recovery track, and it continues to maintain the leading position of the Central Airport 'Double First': in terms of freight, it has accumulated 200,000 tons of cargo and mail throughput, an increase of 16% year-on-year, and its domestic ranking is stable. No. 7; Among them, the freight volume in the international region and the freight volume of all cargo aircraft have increased by more than 30% year-on-year; it is expected to complete the cargo and mail throughput in the first half of last year nearly one month in advance. With a total passenger throughput of 6.16 million passengers, the airport ranking rose to 11th in the country.

   A series of data shows that the Zhengzhou Airport International Freight Channel not only grows against the trend, but also enters a period of rapid acceleration.

'The international freight volume of the five major airports in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Zhengzhou has concentrated 90% of the national international freight volume.' In March this year, the relevant person in charge of the National Development and Reform Commission introduced at the press conference of the Joint Defense and Joint Control Mechanism of the State Council . This is the first time Zhengzhou Airport has been tied with airports in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen, and it is a full affirmation of its status and influence in international cargo.

  Zhengzhou Airport ushered in the highlight of 23 years of navigation. After all, it is unthinkable that this kind of juxtaposition was placed before.

  In the view of the person in charge of Henan Airport Group, Zhengzhou Airport is able to rise against the trend during the epidemic and has outstanding performance, which is closely related to the 'freight first' air transportation development strategy that the provincial party committee and government have always made clear. Over the years, Henan Airport Group has taken 'freight first, international priority' as its development direction, and has made every effort to promote the high-quality development of the Zhengzhou aviation hub. Zhengzhou Airport has gradually become an important node airport of the 'Air Silk Road', especially all cargo aircraft flights at national airports. China is in a leading position, and the development results have fully confirmed the correctness of the decision of the Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government and the Civil Aviation Administration of China on the construction of Zhengzhou International Large Cargo Aviation Hub.

   Time to return to the early stage of the outbreak, as the main channel for Henan to open to the outside world, Zhengzhou Airport's cargo and mail throughput decreased by a maximum of 17% in late February. In the face of difficulties, we took the initiative to act, 'We coordinated epidemic prevention and control and production development to ensure that international freight routes are not suspended and uninterrupted. Zhengzhou Airport has become an international exit channel for urgently needed epidemic prevention materials.' The relevant person in charge of Henan Airport Group said.

Based on the wide recognition of the service support capabilities of Zhengzhou Aviation Hub, the well-known foreign cargo airlines continue to operate normally at Zhengzhou Airport to ensure the unimpeded passage of the 'Air Silk Road'; domestic and foreign airlines and freight forwarders have opened new and increased direct flights to Zhengzhou Flight.

   With the orderly advancement of resumption of production and production, foreign demand for epidemic prevention materials is strong, seizing the fleeting opportunity, the soft power accumulated by Zhengzhou Airport over the years has played an important supporting role, and achieved remarkable results:

   International freight forwarding points have soared. During the epidemic period only, 14 new regular cargo routes were opened and 19 international destinations were added. At present, there are 47 freight airlines operating in Zheng, including 27 all-cargo planes and 20 passenger-to-cargo conversions. On May 11, the Middle East aviation giant Qatar Airways opened a cargo route from Zhengzhou to Doha.

   Large models and multiple models get together and fly directly to Zhengzhou. Nearly 10 large models such as An-124, Boeing 747, and Airbus 330 frequently landed at Zhengzhou Airport. There are no less than 20 colorful and differently designed logos on the fuselage. Unprecedented. On May 21st, Zhengzhou Airport's single-day all-cargo aircraft flight volume reached 64, a record high since general aviation.

During the epidemic situation, Zhengzhou Airport guaranteed 1,332 international freighters, an increase of 94.4% year-on-year, setting a record high. In addition to the urgently needed epidemic prevention materials, the export goods category also includes express mail, domestic and international consumer goods that are badly needed, and industrial products and electronic products that are badly needed in the international aviation industry chain.

   Large passenger aircraft temporarily 'passenger to cargo' fly directly to Zhengzhou, urgently rushed to transport the internationally needed epidemic prevention materials. Since the outbreak, Zhengzhou Airport has guaranteed 150 'passenger to cargo' flights and transported 3520.2 tons of cargo. The passenger plane 'carrying cargo' has been called in many international navigable cities on Europe, America, Asia, Africa and other continents.

  With the rapid increase in international freight charter flights and freight routes, many cargo stations in Zhengzhou Airport continue to be full. During the epidemic, the number of trucks at multiple freight stations increased by 446% year-on-year at peak, and there was once congestion. Henan Airport Group solves the safeguard problem one by one: optimizing the cargo aircraft security process, coordinating the deployment of cargo station resources, establishing a cargo emergency security mechanism, and establishing a dedicated unloading terminal. In the case of a substantial increase in the number and volume of all cargo aircraft, these measures ensure safe, orderly and efficient cargo loading and unloading.

   The red data, busy cargo terminal, and shiny silver wings indicate that the Zhengzhou Airport International Freight Airport Grand Channel has entered a rapid speed-up period, which is also a strong signal that the Henan economy will gradually recover its vitality this spring.

   To create the 'Aerial Silk Road', advance planning and construction of infrastructure is imminent. On April 16, the Zhengzhou Airport North Freight Zone project and the China Post Zhengzhou Air Mail Processing Center project started at the same time, marking the official start of the third phase of the Zhengzhou Airport project. New steps have been taken in the construction of Zhengzhou International Air Cargo Terminal.

   In March this year, the State Council executive meeting deployed to further enhance my country's international air cargo capacity, and clearly pointed out that it is necessary to improve the air cargo hub network. Zhengzhou Airport was listed as the first electronic cargo pilot airport by the Civil Aviation Administration of China, and construction officially started on May 8. In the next step, Henan Airport Group will continue to leverage the advantages of Zhengzhou Airport's international air cargo hub, further improve and expand the international cargo route network, provide support for the stable and smooth flow of the global supply chain, and make greater contributions to achieving the high-quality development of Zhengzhou's air hub.
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