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Canadian immigration logistics new trend, the future will continue to expand the immigration quota!

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-08
Contract in the current immigration policies, Canada immigration announced the bombshell & ndash; — Its door to welcome immigrants! Released on October 31, the federal immigration Canada immigration quotas for the next three years: will absorb 330000 migrants in 2019, over the next three years more absorb more than millions of immigration plan! According to the federal immigration released news: quotas for the next three years Canadian immigration, 33, 2019. 080000 people, 2020 is 34. 10000 people, 2020 increased to 350000. So, the next three years a total of 102 national project immigrants. 180000 people. By 2020, each year will accept the equivalent to one percent of new population in Canada! By the quota plan, you can see that the federal government of Canada is still insist on immigration policy, and will further expansion. Last year, Canada's immigration minister hussein ( 艾哈迈德Hussen) Has made it clear that in the next few years, Canada immigration quota is not less than 300000 a year, he said, this is just a new line. But also in over a year ago, according to the immigration department ever published in the practice of immigration quotas, into a quota figures announced three years. The plan was received 980000 immigrants from 2018 to 2020, and announced the plan for the next two years the quota has increased after the explosion million mark! Hussen, said the government of Canada in 2017 will increase to 300000 immigration quotas, because we want to make many families reunite with their families. At the same time, the employers also require us to allow continue to introduce more immigrants, meet their business development. 2017 of the 300000 immigration quotas, economy class immigration increased by 22% than the previous year, reflect the government hopes to immigrants to become a key component of the economy in the future. Released according to the plan, the Canadian immigrants include: economy class immigration, family reunion migrants and refugees. Most of them will be the economic migrants, accounts for about 58%. The immigrants need through a variety of special economic examination and approval of the project, in order to better meet the needs of the Canadian Labour market, building dynamic and inclusive community. No matter for what reason you choose immigrant, means that life will be reset. So how to adapt to new environment, it is the top issue facing the each new immigrants will be, if you are lucky to immigration is successful, we would be happy to help on for you to adapt to the new environment, build you scratch harbour, let you live in a foreign country can & other Throughout the country &; 。 VIPU Supply Chain door to door double clear one-stop international logistics services, make your logistics become more simple. One-stop logistics time worry VIPU Supply Chainlogistics international and domestic service covers more than 300 cities across the country, the global service network in more than 100 countries and regions. Boring you from domestic where immigrants to Canada, VIPU Supply Chain international logistics lp can by sea will be your furniture furniture, large/check overweight luggage and personal belongings to Canada. Since you ask us to provide you with the Canadian customs policy, making packaging solutions, shipment, distribution plan, etc. Provide free on-site assessment measure, to provide door-to-door packaging service, make listing English, to help fill in the customs clearance documents, customs clearance agents. Foreign delivery to your door, will also removed the outer packing, assembly furniture, remove rubbish. International standard security USES the international standard of packaging materials and packaging standard, every piece of furniture has the proper packaging process, to ensure that the items in the process of transportation is in good condition. In addition, when packing for elevators, home of doorcase, metope, ground affix protective pads, and wear shoe covers, all-round protection for your home. Private tailored personalized custom services, personalized service to meet the needs of different customers, assembling transportation, FCL transportation, door to door the diversification of the mode of transportation, can effectively save transportation costs. In addition, we also have a storage service, collection services, free replacement goods furniture packaging service, PV with packaging cartons, production fumigation-free tray service and production of wooden cases and so on a number of logistics service. Specialized logistics convenient save VIPU international logistics Supply Chain there are more advantages, such as: dynamic information to track all the way, no matter you in any corner of the world, can be fixed by WeChat, website query objects dynamic, real-time transport and dedicated customer service staff to provide you with the latest dynamic items, ensure that you and will never be lost. For example: the personal items to customs clearance, don't charge any customs fees, and even new furniture, we can the packaging process, the greatest degree avoid and tariff concessions
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