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Canada customs requirements for wood packaging materials

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-03-13
Along with China and the relationship between the two countries more and more close, Canada is preferred when there are a lot of people consider immigration Canada, Logistics to Canada) The number of immigrants from China to Canada every year output data can be seen. Immigrants to Canada will shipping in the past, luggage or furniture is known as neighbors in the United States, Canada customs requirements is not inferior to it. Transport goods type, or customs inspection probability, even the demand for wood packaging materials have a special provisions. Please note that Canada has joined the north American plant protection organization ( NAPPO) , which is a regional plant protection organizations, at present its members including Canada, the United States and Mexico, scientific research institutions and private organizations, etc. In the use of wood material packing sent to Canada express mail, please ensure that comply with international standards for phytosanitary ( ISPM) About the wood packaging import regulations. The Canadian government on imported wood packaging implementation of the mandatory measures, once found any express doesn't come with wood packaging statement, including Canadian food health inspection agency ( CFIA) Of everyday items, it will be returned to the provenance. 【 Wood packaging 】 Require all import to Canada wood packaging must be through the Canadian food health inspection agency ( CFIA) The inspection. Any wood packaging been tested with harmful substances or did not make any processing or ever for processing, but failed to meet the prescribed standards for import shipments will be returned to the originating from or local destroyed. All costs associated with inspection or safe disposal expenses will be borne by the receiving party or send a party. Canada requires that all import wood packaging of goods must be put in the wood packaging material issued by the international association of plant protection, to prove its wood packaging has been heated or by methyl bromide fumigation processing. Issued by the label, if can't send a fumigation certificate must accompany the wooden packing of the goods. The diagram below: Fumigation certificate. Click on the learn more & gt;> International logistics packing fumigation wooden furniture in the description
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