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Can the marine mobile power supply be mixed? Precautions

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-09-05
Recently, many customers have inquired whether the mobile power can be shipped by sea? The answer is yes, so how to transport the mobile power during the shipping process? What are the precautions?

There are fewer restrictions on mobile power in shipping, and you can apply for booking if you have an MSDS. Also, the packaging must be qualified, there is no short circuit problem, and the outer box of the packaging should be controlled at about 10KG/carton.

The power bank can be mixed by sea. In maritime LCL, two or more ships from the port of departure to the port of destination are carried by two or more ships, and the container is unpacked in the middle, which is called transit or mixed loading.

Transshipment (mixed loading) business is generally carried out at the port of departure or destination that is relatively biased, smaller, and economically less developed. Because these ports have limited supply and insufficient cargo, it is not easy for goods arriving at the same port of destination to fill a container.

Using the method of transit (mixed loading), the entire container is first transported to a transit port, unpacked at the transit port, and the goods of one box are allocated. The goods are packed into different boxes according to different final destination ports. Then continue to transport to the final port of destination. This model can be summarized as 'mixed and then direct transportation'.

Obviously, the method of transit (mixed loading) requires unpacking and repacking at the transit port, which requires one more unpacking and packing link than direct consolidation. If the transit port cannot be connected to the final destination port, or the transit port If the cargo volume is insufficient, the cargo may be held up at the transshipment port, which not only delays time, but also increases the risk of cargo damage. Therefore, the transfer (mixed) method is generally used when there is no other better option.

What to pay attention to when mixing marine mobile power

1. Different types of batteries cannot be mixed in one box. For example, dry batteries and lithium batteries cannot be mixed in one box, batteries and general goods cannot be mixed in one box.

2. Goods that will seep dust, liquid, moisture, odor, etc. from the package should not be placed together with other goods as much as possible. In unavoidable circumstances, they should be separated by canvas, plastic film or other materials;

3. Lightweight goods are placed on top of relatively heavy goods;

4. Goods with weak packing strength should be placed on top of goods with strong packing strength;

5. Liquid goods and clean goods should be placed under other goods as far as possible;

6. Goods with sharp corners or protruding parts should be covered to avoid damage to other goods;

7. Goods of different shapes and different packages should not be packed together as much as possible.
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