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Can ID cards be courier? Insured before mailing

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-02-26
Identity card is a statutory certificate to prove the identity of the holder. It is very important to hold identity card in our country. If you don't have your ID card, a series of activities such as travel, accommodation, and Internet access will be affected. Identity cards are essential for everyone. An ID card is equivalent to an important document. If you lose it, you can do nothing. Can I courier the ID card if I forgot to bring it? The ID card can be used for express delivery, and the express company does not expressly stipulate that the ID card cannot be delivered. However, according to Article 5 of the 'Postal Law', postal services within the limits prescribed by the State Council are exclusively operated by postal enterprises. Mailing documents are exclusive business items of the post office. Courier companies are not allowed to operate. Therefore, the original of the document can only be mailed by the post office. This phenomenon not only exists in China, but also has similar regulations in many other countries. This is to ensure that important documents of residents are not lost, resulting in unsafe acts such as information leakage. This kind of business not only deals with documents, but also has similar regulations for some important documents, contracts, letters, etc. For example, college students' admission notices are all mailed by the postal system nationwide. Although some courier companies will also mail the documents, for the security of the documents, try to choose the appropriate courier. ID cards belong to the category of documents and can be supplemented with insurance to prevent loss. The ID card itself is relatively small and fragile, and it is easy to lose or get damaged during the express process. When we send the ID card, we must ensure the security of the ID card, and indicate the ID on the courier form, which is wrapped in an envelope. Post Express Selection Type If you choose to post for ID card mailing, you can choose according to whether the individual needs it urgently. 1, Beijing and Tianjin delivered the same day 'EMS time-limited delivery-Beijing and Tianjin same-day delivery' business, that is, customers deliver before 11 am, to ensure that the delivery time reaches the recipient's time-limited delivery before 18:00 on the day. It is suitable for sending document mails with high time requirements in Beijing and Tianjin. Safe and fast. The maximum insured amount for each post is 100,000 yuan. The insured fee is charged at 1% of the declared insured amount. Mail items that fail to pay the premium as required are not classified as insured items. 2. Next morning service The next morning business includes 'regional next morning delivery' and 'interregional next morning delivery'. 3.Domestic Express Nearly 2,000 cities and counties in China have started this business. This service can handle remote speedpost service and same-city speedpost service. The price has not been adjusted and remains the same as before. The prices of these courier services can be checked on the official postal website. Generally, the calculation is based on the first weight, but because it is a certificate, a quotation will be made.
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