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Calm Before the Storm - Inbound Logistics

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-01-29
Supply Chain Management, Logistics, Supply ChainThough Hurricane Dorian may be behind us, U.S. supply chains continue to feel its effects. And it's possible that another large storm could still be on the horizon.Even if manufacturers aren't located in a hurricane impact area, they can still experience business disruptions if a customer, supplier, or transportation route is affected. In the downtime between storms, companies can take crucial steps to help prevent supply chain disruption, including: Have a comprehensive contingency plan in place, including back-up suppliers and alternative transportation routes. Make sure suppliers have back-up plans as well. Establish an emergency communication plan for employees and suppliers in case operations are affected. Prepare to monitor social media and have a transparent response ready to address customer concerns, troubleshoot issues, and communicate status updates.
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