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Call international logistics lp before consulting is not Tips

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-03-14
More and more people choose emigration, became the hot topic of international logistics, international logistics lp bubbled up like mushrooms. So when we are faced with numerous international logistics lp, how can we achieve effective consultation to obtain useful information? Summing up experience VIPU international logistics Supply Chain, in this to do a detailed introduction. Tips 1 understand international logistics cost calculation method of international logistics lp cost, including VIPU Supply Chain cost is calculated according to the volume of goods and choose way of shipment to set prices. Many of our clients tend to ignore this, after the call, the first question is: & other; How much is 1 cubic international logistics? ” When the international logistics lp to ask specific details, customers often feel trouble. Is caused by not understand international logistics business process, because the international logistics quotation is according to the multiple factors to offer, for example your identity in the destination country is not suitable for to do private goods clearance, need not to need to provide packaging service door still need to provide international logistics lp self-help after packaging materials packaging, is the need to provide door to door service or door to port service is more suitable for you, or LCL and FCL more cost-effective, and such as goods of have the heavy items such as piano and safe, in a foreign country need to go to a few floor, etc. , so the information you provide more detailed the quotation more accurate, or international logistics lp often provides a relatively high price, because the company also want to consider some unpredictable factors. Tips 2 clear to transportation volume in the international logistics are items need to be home before do a basic understanding of, for example to carry items, the total volume of probably how many, if you are not clear need to carry goods volume, it is recommended to use international logistics volume prediction tool for preliminary estimates. When the volume of items to transport to myself after an overview, and then, it's time to think these items whether can use a container, total volume of more than 15 - generally if items 20 cubic can choose one 20 ft FCL transport, such complex furniture does not remove can be directly into the container, avoiding costly assemble at destination countries, although VIPU international standard of logistics service Supply Chain includes assembly services, but usually only provide furniture is assembled, used the simple part of the complex furniture is not offer assembly services free of charge. Tips 3 international logistics international logistics general models of three kinds of service can provide door to port, door to door, door to door value-added, three kinds of services such as so what is the difference between these three service mode? Door to port service: moving your items from your home to the nearest port from your home, to the port after the follow-up work is done by you. This kind of service is suitable for the customers to use items is simple. Door to door service, to provide you with the door at home, packaging, transportation, storage, packing, customs declaration, shipping, and then in your logistics after destination countries deal with the customs clearance will be goods shipped to the destination country your home downstairs. Such services to avoid the clearance and handling, and many other troubles, you can also be appropriate for you to save some cost. Door to door value-added services: on the basis of door to door service will increase the goods transport to your home, for you to put in place, demolition of goods packaging, clearing debris and assemble some simple furniture. High cost of such services, but can reduce your operation troubles in person. Know this three ways, you need to decide what kind of service is more suitable for you, door to door service to save trouble, but the high cost, door to port service, but in the destination country for customs clearance, handling is also a very troublesome thing.
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