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Cainiao Network: Exploring new models of green

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-07-25
   Li Jie, All Media Reporter, Modern Logistics News

  As a strategic, basic and leading industry in the development of the national economy, the express logistics industry is an important part of the modern service industry that connects the supply side and the consumer side. In recent years, China’s express delivery industry has grown rapidly. From 2014 to 2019, express delivery business volume has achieved a leap from 10 billion to 60 billion. In 2019, it accounted for half of the global parcel volume, with business revenue reaching 745 billion yuan, and new social employment 20 More than 10,000 people, supporting online retail sales of 8 trillion yuan.

The rapid development of the express delivery industry has brought great economic and social benefits, and brought great convenience to people’s lives, but at the same time, the environmental problems it brings should not be underestimated. The entire industry, e-commerce logistics cartons, plastics Since bags and tapes have not yet been effectively recycled and utilized, hundreds of thousands of delivery vehicles in the industry have also produced a large amount of pollutant emissions. For this reason, as an important part of the construction of ecological civilization, the greening of the express delivery industry has received great attention from all levels and all walks of life. The country has successively introduced a number of relevant policies and measures. The practice of green and low-carbon development has also become the development of mainstream express companies. Intrinsic demand; environmental issues caused by express packaging have attracted many attentions, and energy conservation and environmental protection have been increasingly included in various documents such as relevant plans, regulations, and guidelines for the development of express logistics industry, especially in the whole society and the whole industry in the past two years , All relevant departments have made the green and high-quality development of the express delivery industry their priority.

Cainiao uses online technology empowerment to promote the reduction process

  According to the reporter's understanding, the current ecological development concept of Cainiao Network runs through its entire growth process. Cainiao Network has implemented energy-saving and emission reduction throughout the life cycle of the express delivery process from multiple perspectives such as operation, administration, and packaging materials, which has promoted the upgrading of the industry.

  According to the reporter's understanding, my country has issued a number of policies for the green development of logistics.

For example, in the 'National E-commerce Logistics Development Special Plan (2016-2020)' jointly issued by the Ministry of Commerce and other six departments in March 2016, it was clearly listed as one of the development goals of e-commerce logistics that 'further improve the level of green development'. It is necessary to 'reduce the energy consumption and carbon emissions of logistics and distribution'; in January 2017, the 'Thirteenth Five-Year Plan for the Development of Commercial Logistics' jointly issued by the Ministry of Commerce, the National Development and Reform Commission and other departments proposed that efficient An intensive, collaborative and shared, integrated, open, and green business logistics system.

In February 2019, 24 ministries (bureaus) including the National Development and Reform Commission jointly issued the 'Opinions on Promoting the High-quality Development of Logistics and Promoting the Formation of a Strong Domestic Market', taking 'accelerating the development of green logistics' as an 'endogenous driving force for enhancing the high-quality development of logistics' …Use green packaging materials, promote recycling packaging, reduce excessive packaging and secondary packaging, and promote the implementation of green packaging and logistics equipment, and reduce the amount.' The tenth meeting of the Central Comprehensive Deepening Reform Committee held in September 2019 once again emphasized that actively responding to plastic pollution, orderly prohibiting and restricting the production, sales and use of some plastic products, regulating the recycling and utilization of plastic waste, and establishing and improving management of all links System, a powerful, orderly and effective treatment of plastic pollution. On September 15th of the same year, the general secretary issued instructions on the issue of express packaging, pointing out that it is necessary to 'pay attention to conservation and environmental protection, eliminate excessive packaging, and reduce environmental pollution'. All departments are requested to pay attention to it. The new development concept of ecological civilization must be combined and focused on solutions.

   In the direction of policy guidance, Cainiao uses online technology to promote reduction in green development.

   At present, the rookie electronic face order, packing algorithm, intelligent route planning and other technologies have become green logistics infrastructure. Cainiao took the lead in promoting electronic face-to-face bills to the entire industry in 2014, giving express parcels a 'digital ID', improving delivery efficiency and accuracy, and saving a lot of social resources. In 2018, more than 30 billion of the 50 billion express parcels nationwide used the rookie electronic face order. In the past five years, Cainiao's electronic face list has served 100 billion parcels, saved 400 billion sheets of paper, and helped the entire industry save 20 billion yuan in costs. It won the first prize of the National Post Industry Technology Award.

   In June 2019, Cainiao announced that it has teamed up with courier companies to carry out a 'big slimming' of electronic face orders: the area has been reduced by nearly half, and it has changed from two orders to one order, which is more green and environmentally friendly. At present, the new version of the electronic form has been launched in Best, Shentong and YTO, which will drive the industry to further reduce costs and increase efficiency.

On April 24, 2019, Ma Junsheng, Director of the State Post Bureau, and Gao Hongfeng, President of the China Express Association, presented the highest technology award in the postal industry-the first prize of the Science and Technology Award to the 'Cainiao Electronic Face Sheet Project' to commend this major technological achievement. China's express delivery industry has entered the digital age and has made contributions in terms of cost reduction and efficiency enhancement, stability and reliability, security and privacy, and green environmental protection.

Use new technology to reduce packaging and realize recycling

   Cainiao uses a packing algorithm to reduce the amount of packaging materials to achieve packaging reduction. It is understood that smart algorithms promote packaging reduction. The intelligent box design and box cutting algorithm independently developed by Cainiao Network can select the optimal box to match consumer orders, improve the utilization of carton space, and achieve reduced packaging. According to calculations, this algorithm can reduce the use of packaging materials in the warehouse by 15%, and is currently the most mature smart packaging lightweight solution in the industry. In 2018, Cainiao’s warehouse alone “slimned” 290 million express parcels, which is equivalent to reducing the use of about 80 million cartons. This algorithm is open to the entire industry.

   In addition, Cainiao will also promote the recycling of packaging research and development, reducing disposable plastic packaging. Cainiao supports source packaging manufacturers to invest in R&D and innovation. On February 28, 2018, Cainiao, together with Alibaba Charity Foundation, China Environmental Protection Foundation, and major express companies in China, jointly released the 'China Green Logistics R&D Funding Program' to collect green solutions from the whole society. At present, the first batch of four projects including bio-based environmentally friendly express bags, bio-drop express bags, sewing recycling boxes, recyclable packaging boxes, etc. have been funded.

   At present, a number of measures have been taken to promote green packaging procurement, packaging standardization, simple packaging, and recyclability, and have achieved remarkable results. Cainiao Network Packaging Laboratory has realized the reduction of packaging raw materials by developing green packaging and putting it into use.

   For example, Cainiao’s “Box Return Plan” won the National Top Ten Cases of the Year. It is understood that the Cainiao Green Action released the 'Box Recycling Plan' in 2017. In 2018, during Double 11, about 5,000 green recycling bins have been installed in Cainiao stations in 200 cities across the country, advocating 'Leaving cartons in the station and recycling resources.' . At present, green recycling bins have gradually become the standard equipment of Cainiao Station, providing a more convenient channel for the public to participate in green environmental protection. Cainiao’s “Box Return Project” has also become a common public participation in express carton sharing activities, which has cultivated the habit of the public, especially young people, to sort and recycle garbage, and has repeatedly received official praise.

   In 2019, Cainiao’s “Return to Box Plan” will speed up its pace and be fully upgraded. On May 28, Cainiao, together with Shentong, Yunda, YTO, Zhongtong, Best, China Environmental Protection Foundation, and Alibaba Charity Foundation, jointly launched a Green Express Day and announced that it will lay 50,000 green recycling bins across the country. This means that the 'Box Return Plan' will be promoted from Cainiao Station to express delivery outlets across the country. The new version of the green recycling box also adds a paper-plastic separation function, so that the plastic filling in the express package can also be recycled and reused. At present, the first batch of new recycling bins have been distributed.

On June 5, 2019, as a representative of China’s express delivery industry’s green actions, Cainiao’s Green Action “Return to Box Plan” was unveiled at the World Environment Day’s global home event, and was jointly issued by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment and the Central Office of Civilization as “Beautiful China, I am Action” 'Top Ten Public Participation Cases.' 'The rookie return to the box activity calls on consumers to share the cartons they receive to facilitate others to use again, and achieve the purpose of resource saving.' When the official microblog of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment released the case of 'Beautiful China, I am the actor', the return plan is definitely Efforts to increase consumer participation.

   The United Nations Environment Program and Alibaba also jointly launched Internet environmental protection activities. Represented by Cainiao’s Green Initiative, Alibaba has taken the lead in forming a full-link green development model. In the fields of green supply chain, green logistics, green computing, green recycling, and green warehousing, it continues to drive ecological partners and public participation to form a 'Alibaba Green Planet'.

  Take the green warehouse distribution as an example. In January 2018, the rooftop solar photovoltaic power station of Cainiao Guangzhou Zengcheng Logistics Park was officially completed and connected to the grid. At present, more than 10 Cainiao logistics parks across the country are building rooftop photovoltaic power stations. After the construction is completed, the annual power generation of the Cainiao “Green Park” group is expected to exceed 1 billion kWh, reducing carbon emissions by more than 1 million tons per year, which is equivalent to planting. 20 million square meters of broad-leaved forest. In terms of green warehouses, Cainiao has innovated smart warehouse distribution, pre-stocking, store delivery and other modes, leading the city's logistics network to greatly improve the efficiency. In pilot cities, the delivery distance of a single package can be shortened from 700 kilometers to about 400 kilometers, the distance of parcels sent through the city warehouse can be reduced to 100 kilometers, and the delivery of stores can achieve 'minute-level delivery' within 3 kilometers, which is greatly shortened Distributing distance and improving the timeliness of distribution not only reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions, but also promote simple packaging of express parcels, or even 'zero' packaging.

The rapid development of e-commerce makes Cainiao pay more attention to green packaging

   On Tmall Double 11 in 2018, the first Tmall supermarket package received by a consumer in Qingdao was a box of mineral water delivered in the original box. This innovative model of 'zero' new packaging materials is consistent with the direction of reducing the secondary packaging of e-commerce express items advocated by the state, and is gradually becoming a trend driven by Cainiao.

   Cainiao teamed up with Tmall Supermarket to promote the delivery of original boxes and recycled cartons, delivering hundreds of millions of green and low-carbon packages to consumers a year, greatly reducing the use of new cartons, of which the proportion of original box shipments accounted for about 50%.

   On Double 11 in 2019, on the 'Last Kilometer of Express Delivery', Cainiao teamed up with the express company to comprehensively upgrade the 'Container Return Plan'. Green recycling bins have covered 31 provinces across the country. Consumers can send cartons to 40,000 rookie stations and 35,000 express delivery outlets for sorting and recycling, realizing an 'environmental small cycle'. On November 20, Cainiao will also cooperate with express companies such as Zhongtong, Yuantong, Shentong, Yunda, Best and other express companies to jointly launch the 'National Carton Recycling Day', setting up centralized recycling in 180 communities in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou and other cities. Point, advocate 'one person to recycle one carton', to arouse more people's environmental awareness, and receive green goods and harvest green together. At the same time, on the main page of the Tmall Double 11 event, a special green action portal is set up. Consumers use their mobile phone Taobao to search for 'green double 11', click on the promise to become a 'double 11 green partner', get meow coins and redeem double 11 red envelopes reward. As of November 12, more than 25 million people have joined this operation, and it has continued to increase by more than one million people per day. If each person recycles one express carton, more than 900,000 tons of carbon emissions can be reduced. Many netizens also left a green statement online. 200,000 people left messages promising not to litter the express bags, and 150,000 people left messages saying that they would make the best use of cartons as storage boxes.

   Cainiao teamed up with Retail Link to create a green supply chain, through original box delivery and re-used cartons, so that more than 70% of parcels are shipped out of new cartons, and millions of retail stores participate in environmental protection. The person in charge of Cainiao's Green Initiative said that simple packaging and zero new packaging can reduce packaging material consumption and reduce environmental pressures, as well as reduce costs for merchants and logistics companies, and make express packages more and more green. While leading the industry in packaging reduction, Cainiao also promotes the use of green packaging. Driven by Alibaba and Cainiao, more and more businesses are gradually participating in the green packaging campaign.

   In addition, e-commerce delivery began to try to use non-tape cartons. Tmall Xuanma flagship store no longer uses tape to pack express cartons since 2016, but uses zipper-type tape-free cartons. According to statistics, in 2018, stores used 1.3 million zipper cartons, which is equivalent to reducing the use of 1.89 million meters of tape. 'The cost will be twice as expensive as ordinary packaging, but this kind of packaging is convenient for consumers to disassemble without causing tape pollution. Environmentally friendly packaging will become a trend.' The merchant said.

   At the same time, Cainiao teamed up with Alibaba's wholesale and procurement platform 1688 to open up a green packaging area to attract upstream and downstream suppliers to settle in, provide buyers with convenient green procurement channels, and jointly protect the ecological environment and reduce 'white pollution.' Data shows that more and more companies are using environmentally friendly packaging: in 2018, the number of buyers of green packaging on the 1688 platform doubled compared to 2017, and sales exceeded 100 million pieces for the first time, among which environmentally friendly express bags had the highest annual sales.

   These green packages, through purchase, logistics and other links, finally come to consumers. The survey shows that with the increase in environmental protection awareness of the whole society, brand owners and express companies that use green packaging are increasingly recognized by consumers, and green packaging has gradually become one of the ways to enhance brand image.

  Postscript: At present, my country's express delivery industry is developing rapidly, and many express companies are trying their best to achieve green 'slimming'. In March 2017, Cainiao Network, Alibaba Charity Foundation, and China Environmental Protection Foundation launched a joint venture with express companies such as Zhongtong, YTO, Shentong, Best, Yunda and other express companies to jointly fund the establishment of China’s first logistics and environmental protection public welfare fund-Cainiao Green Alliance Public welfare funds are used to carry out research, advocacy and promotion of green logistics, green consumption, and green supply chain. Now three years have passed. The Cainiao Alliance has made tens of billions of products through the promotion of electronic face sheets, packing algorithms, intelligent path planning, environmental protection bags, recycling boxes, green recycling boxes, new energy logistics vehicles, and solar logistics parks in the entire industry. Express parcels have become green, which has promoted China's logistics industry to 'lightly pack and simplify', which means that China's green logistics has made significant progress in the past three years. However, the green development of express delivery in our country still has many problems that need to be solved urgently. What kind of material, container, technology, structure and sharing mode used in packaging will affect the quality and efficiency of logistics activities. To a certain extent, the greenization of logistics packaging, which is as important as logistics automation and intelligence, may affect the direction of future development. Therefore, we still need to pay close attention to this revolution around green packaging.
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