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CAFTA certificate of origin declaration notice!

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-11
CAFTA, China & ndash; The abbreviation of asean free trade area. Is China and asean countries to form a free-trade area. In recent years, as China - The association of south-east Asian nations (asean) certificate of origin with the & other; Zero tariff & throughout; Advantage, the enterprise application FORM E certificate is increasing year by year. However, asean countries followed the customs of the amount of queries is also rising, and often will return the original certificate with the confirmation back, greatly influence the enterprise in the customs clearance of goods of the association of southeast Asian nations and should enjoy preferential tariffs. The enterprise must attach great importance to, the following six aspects: specification, report to the certificate of origin.>>> Description of goods must be according to article 5 of the association of south-east Asian nations (asean) certificate back page shows norms, product name must be detailed, in order to make the inspection of the customs officials to identify. The name of the manufacturer and any trademark should also be listed. Enterprises in the declaration, should avoid to use only the general vague description such as & other; 机、服装、商品、clothing” , advice for foreign customers in strict accordance with the customs clearance of the items on the packing list and invoice detailed list, and at the same time input producers in the goods description column name. In the practical work of some enterprises do not take the commodity declaration and invoice name one to one correspondence, when applying for certificate of origin is not carried out in accordance with the name on the invoice respectively, just use the simple way of merging; Some trading companies are not required to input information producers, all of these, there is a foreign customs return the risk of the query.>>> Transport routes to specification before shipment of the goods declaration enterprise shall timely communication with freight agents, to verify transport routes, according to solid accurate entry of sea, air or land transportation port and transport routes, the port of loading, the arrival of the goods for goods via the parties to the transfer, but should also indicate the transhipment. Enterprises need to pay special attention to is: if the goods via Hong Kong or Macao and other places, to the asean countries, may apply for & other companies in the check to the local; Not reprocessed proof & throughout; And some asean countries may be required to provide a corresponding certificate to the importer.>>> Standards must standardize the asean countries of origin of customs is very strict with standard review of origin, enterprise should according to native situation truthfully declare the goods. In recent years, the association of south-east Asian nations (asean) customs especially Indonesia customs for goods such as chemical raw materials, machinery and electronic products are all in the country of origin of the corresponding standard of the query, enterprises should pay special attention to this. According to the association of south-east Asian nations (asean) certificate back page instructions stipulated in article 4, every product must conform to the regulations, a batch of goods should be paid attention to in all products must conform to the standards of country of origin, especially the different specifications of the similar products or spare parts. In the enterprise declare & other; 备件” And other parts and different specifications of the products, special attention should be paid to conform to this regulation.>>> Invoices must be rendered specification information should be in accordance with the information accurate input invoice number and invoice date. For companies using a third party invoice customs clearance, the invoice information should be required to fill in the third party invoice number and date, at the same time, in the seventh column remark third parties outside of mainland China company name and address in detail, also need to check the certificate & other; 第三方发票” Options. Some companies ignore the third party invoice information when you declare the input, the resulting goods stranded port to smooth customs clearance, have to regret.>>> Shipping mark declaration must be standard shipping mark information should be in exact accordance with the actual shipping mark on the outer packing of goods, shipping mark may not appear outside China region or country of manufacture, also cannot appear in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan origin. If the goods without shipping mark, should input & other; N/M” 。 Design of special shipping mark can't input, please use A4 paper to print and in the corresponding position with the Shanghai book number, date of application and visa, with enterprise stamp as the attachment.>>> Certificate of origin information for filing need specification according to 'China - Rules of origin 'requirements of asean free trade area, the enterprise shall provide China - to the importer The association of south-east Asian nations (asean) original certificate of origin in order to be submitted to the importer of the customs, at the same time will be the third copy document retained and retained for at least 3 years, the related information such as a refund the query work shall actively cooperate with the visa agencies. Edit summary: the above is the small make up summary of CAFTA the precautions in the certificate of origin declaration, we at ordinary times when doing declaration must remember this a few points for attention. VIPU international logistics lp perennial Supply Chain for people to go abroad or home to provide professional door to door double clear GuanGuoJi logistics services, shipping multinational carry furniture will find VIPU international logistics Supply Chain. If you have this aspect demand, are welcome to call our hotline for free.
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