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C3 import customs form and fill in the United Kingdom

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-06
International logistics to the UK, need to fill in the C3 import customs form. Provided to the UK customs clearance C3 form must be original. British customs don't accept copy or fax. C3 form a total of 4 pages. The first page: only need to fill in & throughout; 个人信息( Personal data) ” Other parts, filled in by the shipping company. After the second page: answer a question, should according to the requirement of the form to another. Otherwise, the customs may refuse to accept the the table. The third page: if all of your answers are & other; No & throughout; , then please fill out & other; 没有一个“ 。 And NIL fill in N/A. All of the smoke, wine, perfume, shaving water are paying tariffs. In most cases, if you have these things, the customs will check out of the box. If these items are provided detailed information, can increase the chances of the postal inspection. Page 4: if the delivery object to buy less than 6 months must be declared on the page. In most cases, these things need to pay duties. If you carry luggage didn't buy the goods less than 6 months, you will need to fill in & other; 没有一个“ 。 After form fill in, please sign it write the date, and let us know the address. If there is no permanent address, please list your temporary accommodation or hotel. C3 Form download Customs Form C3
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