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Australian customs inspection what is referred to as AQIS

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-10
Logistics friend in through the customs entry to Australia, often encounter the customs officer asked AQIS inspection report, issued by AQIS is what? ( AQIS) Australian Quarantine Inspection Service Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service, also known as the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service ( AQIS) , today small make up just to tell you something about what is AQIS, Australia for the importance of the inspection report. Because seagirt known as Australia's environment, living environment is not affected by the interference of any other country, known for its unique natural barrier to protect the environment and the alien species in Australia to Australia, Australian quarantine will help keep the unique environment. Food, plant and animal products from overseas destructive pests and pathogens can be introduced in Australia. Australia for all personal belongings entering Australia will AQIS inspection and quarantine items including fresh or packaging of food, fruits, eggs, meat, vegetables, seeds, plant, feathers, wood and leather. Australian quarantine and inspection service ( AQIS) Review or with X-ray Check all bags, and use sniffer dogs for high-risk products. AQIS also provide bins at the international airport, to discard the quarantine items. If you do not declare food material, plants and animals, is can lead to hefty fines, for details, please refer to the Australian AQIS website. But in early 2013, forestry department notice said Australian agriculture and fisheries, the Australian government is gradually cancel using Australian quarantine inspection service ( AQIS) The name, forestry under the Australian agriculture and fisheries department ( 傻瓜) To replace. Forestry Australian agriculture and fisheries department will continue to bear all the Australian government and biological safety related part of the work, the name change does not affect the responsible for audit, inspection and certification authorities, will not lead to the import of agricultural products, food, the plant or animal products requirements change. To trade deals in biological safety testing and certification can only be the key contact person will not change. Due to the change is carried out gradually, after a period of time will also continue to use the AQIS sign documents, Australia will at the appropriate time to change, involves the content may include: 1. Health certificate will adopt new anti-counterfeiting paper. Currently used AQIS watermark will be replaced by & other; 澳大利亚政府” The word and the Australian coat of arms. 2. Under the Australian government badging is enclosed with the words of AQIS will be changed to Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry. 3. AQIS places are mentioned in the new health certificate will be Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, the certificate issued before the AQIS used don't need to change. 4. AQIS authorized officials will be called the Australian government authorization ( AAOs) And the Australian government authorized veterinarian ( 装甲防护) 。 5. Australia's approval to arrange manual ( 批准安排手册) Any changes will be updated in due course, but will not lead to the change of the actual operation. Although AQIS after a word, but I can't change the content of files and programs. 6. DAFF website related to AQIS and its connection URL will be DAFF instead. 7. The above changes will not change the service function, system, procedures and personnel changes, responsible for the examination, verification and certification authorities will not be affected, these changes also won't produce any additional costs. If you need further information, can contact the Australian embassy in China, or landing DAFF website: WWW. 推开。 gov. Au, in order to get the latest changes of biological safety system.
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