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Attention parents immigration New Zealand

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-10
Sealand good air, water, no food safety issues, both from the living environment and education, medical care in the world leading level. In recent years, the New Zealand immigration net amount reached new highs, Chinese immigrants occupy a certain proportion. With our children and grandchildren logistics New Zealand immigration, many parents have to move back and forth between China and New Zealand, parts of them will choose to immigration New Zealand in later life. For such a group of older immigrants, immigration New Zealand to pay attention to what, how to integrate into local life? VIPU international logistics Supply Chain small make up to give the following Suggestions: 1. Parents before the immigration New Zealand life are disseminated in the Chinese culture, they don't like young people can quickly absorb new culture habit, so don't put the New Zealand culture and used on the parents; 2. Parents without the obligation of raising grandchildren, encounter things parents, children should learn to make the old age may be more capricious, usually have the time to accompany the old man speak communication each other's feelings; 3. Immigration New Zealand old man's life into consideration, can go to most Chinese try to choose the Auckland region, has the Chinese community center in the north and south, east and west, parents can enjoy leisure table tennis, chess, playing mahjong, and so on entertainment activities; 4. Try to let the parents to learn new skills, such as the flowers in the garden growing vegetables or using simple tools and wood self-made simple household, other old man let parents look for residential area, make friends find new hobbies; 5. Can consider to keep pets at home, don't let parents put the center of the life only grandchildren; 6. Have more time with their parents and children in New Zealand to do some swimming, but immigration New Zealand with the good scenery not to appreciate is too bad, can go to bubble hot spring, mountain climbing and parents; 7. Has the ability of the elderly is best to learn to drive a car, expand your circle of activity; 8. Use of social software and network advantage, let parents can communicate via the Internet and the domestic old friend; 9. Hold a New Zealand immigration status of parents can try to learn simple English courses, is able to pass the time and can put this to use. 10. New Zealand winter prone to winter depression SAD, this a few months might as well adjusted to send parents home, to meet old friends will get together, it is best to personally accompany parents family back together for a period of time. VIPU Supply Chain small make up remind, how to solve the problem of the parents live in New Zealand? Actually each family situation is not the same, for this tricky complex problems, it is difficult to find a way to immediately, need through the break-in and adaptation to improve slowly.
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