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Attention of international logistics to Cyprus

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-10
Is sunshine in a Mediterranean island of Cyprus, the home of Venus, the world famous tourist resort, enjoy the reputation of the kingdom of the longevity and health, is a very desirable romantic country. Cyprus as a romantic Mediterranean country is located in the northeast corner of the Mediterranean, Europe, Asia and Africa three continents is the third largest island in the Mediterranean, the geographical position is extremely superior. The preferential taxation system, advanced business infrastructure, pro-business environment, freedom of investment management mechanism, the quality of labor resources, make Cyprus immigration program is a major global investors favor. Prepare for the international logistics to Cyprus which need to pay attention to? Customs clearance required documents passport visa copy of the bill of lading detailed list of English logistics process: 1, consulting any doubts about your personal belongings in the transport will fully answer here. You only need to tell us the roughly the volume to check items, such as the port of destination, estimated time of shipment information, you can get a detailed quotation. If yes & other; Door to door & throughout; Transportation, but also need to offer the exact destination address in English. In addition, if you can't judge your goods volume, we can arrange free professional on-site assessment, to estimate the volume for you, transportation planning, and the site in question. 2, entrust to site and inform us the pickup time, the various files needed to fill out a power of attorney and provide customs declaration. According to your situation and needs, we will assign a customer service commissioner, responsible to follow up and handle all matters about the packing, shipping and customs clearance on the arrangement. 3, professional packing: has the rich experience in the packaging of employees will arrive on time you specify packaging location, and pack the goods according to your request. Packing staff will according to all kinds of shape and volume of the object, using the appropriate packaging materials and methods, to provide the most proper and safe packing. After being finished packing, service commissioner will be drawn up a list of packaging, stating the number and the names of the objects contained in the box. 4. Business operations, Customs declaration, inspection declaration, tank, arranging shipment, etc. ) Port of shipment usually takes 3 - operation Five working days, such as goods for wooden packaging must do fumigation processing, operating time will increase accordingly, please according to the actual circumstances of the checked items in advance consultation and shall execute the entrusted transport matters. We will according to your business operations and the corresponding specification and process in time for you to handle the customs declaration, inspection declaration, the way the sea/air port operations, arrange the shipping or air, the issuance of the transport documents and other related work. 5, the destination port customs clearance delivery: the goods to the port of destination, we have a small local branch or agent will contact you, and help you to customs clearance, door to door delivery. Entry requirements: 1, cash entry time with equivalent euro 10000 yuan or more bride, must declare, otherwise once seized, not only will be fined, can carry money may also be confiscated. 2, pet: before carrying any animal to Cyprus, must be with the Food Inspection Agency import Service contact Centre. 3, tobacco: legal age to 19 years old, and his personal items can include tax-free cigarettes, 200 or 100 small cigar, or 50 cigars, or 250 grams of tobacco. 4, alcohol: more than 22% of alcohol 1 liter, steam or enhanced wine or wine 2 litres, steam or no wine 2 liters. 5, prescription drugs: take prescription drugs, there is a clear need to confirm the drug certification. Drug must be used with the original labels and instructions, as well as the prescription medicine. If not, should bring a copy of the prescription or certificate from the doctor. 6, meat, vegetables, dairy products and fruit: Cyprus has a variety of restrictions of the above items, should avoid as far as possible from entry. 7, controlled, restrict and banned items: generally speaking, the arms, ammunition, fireworks, meat products, dairy products, animals, plants and plant products, fresh fruits, vegetables, etc. , and some of the food and drug are offered here. 8, Cyprus has signed the international limit sales, trade, transportation, endangered animals, birds, reptiles, fish, insects, plants, the agreement of the agreement also includes the items of leather, wool, feathers, bone products. 9, if you have any doubt can inquire the customs and excise department domestic ( 海关和税务部门) :
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