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Asian-pacific postal executive council annual meeting was held in Tokyo, Japan in 2019 _VIPUTRANS

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-06-25
On September 2 solstice 6, Asia Pacific postal union ( Hereinafter referred to as the asian-pacific postal) Executive council annual meeting was held in Tokyo, Japan in 2019. 26 members of the asia-pacific postal postal management department and the designated operators, as well as the postal, the upu and other international organizations on behalf of nearly 120 people attended the meeting. International logistics, China post group corporation, the post office of Hong Kong and macau joint at the post office of the Chinese delegation to attend the meeting. The meeting examined and approved the postal department 2018 annual work report and the 2020 annual work plans, approved the asian-pacific postal 2020 annual budget, and Asia Pacific and the upu postal reform, executive council, the upu physical and electronic commerce, postal financial business, market development and electronic business, supply chain integration of the working group meeting, and the postal network innovation BBS. China as joint presidency real business and e-commerce working group meeting, the Chinese delegation was invited to the asian-pacific postal and reform working group, supply chain integration working group, the upu postal network innovation BBS do keynote address. Asian-pacific postal Lin Hongliang secretary-general, the upu commissioner than blanchard & middot; Hussein, Japan ishida really quick, the asian-pacific postal communications ministry minister executive council chairman Mohammed & middot; Mahdi & middot; Bach lamy & middot; Bach characterized attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech.
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