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Are you blind to Amazon seller selection?

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-01-30
When the last peak season of this year is coming, the seller has made full preparations in the first half of the year, in order to break out in the final peak season. Diaosi wants to become Gao fushuai in a reverse attack. Is it crucial to choose products? So where does a good product come from? The first thing to look at is the lucrative products, which is very important. . . . . . . Of course, quality assurance products are still purchased by buyers first, and they have done a good job in product quality control. The raw materials, technology and packaging of the products all ensure the quality of the products, there is also the point of product description, such as functional products, which can be provided to the buyer in the form of product and instruction card. It must be targeted and pay attention to the use of multilingual instructions. Finally, products that can trigger sales. There are many ways to choose products, but good products are inseparable from the following three points: first, good products come from life. According to this, Amazon FBA sellers can combine the daily needs of the city's target population to meet the needs of users, such as air purifiers and humidifiers. Second, good products come from platform data. Data show: Top 100 Bestsellers and Top 100 New Released, etc. When these products are available, sellers should seize this opportunity. Third, good products come from new products from big sellers. New products of big sellers are usually good product references. Amazon FBA sellers must always observe the trend of new products of big sellers and then choose good products according to their combination. How is the selection analysis changed? First, analyze the search results. Amazon FBA sellers can draw conclusions based on the number of search results, prices, number of favorable comments, etc. Second, analyze sales data. According to this analysis, Amazon FBA sellers should combine product sales, determine what will affect the product, continuously collect, sort out, analyze, and finally put forward effective suggestions and confirm the product. Third, the analysis of competitors, in terms of competitor analysis, is actually mainly reflected in: What is the scale and brand influence of competitors? What are the quality, price and positioning of competitors? Analysis of competitors, understanding of competitors' supply chain, warehousing and analysis; Analyze the advantages and disadvantages of competitors. Competitors' pictures, titles and Price delivery methods and product descriptions are crucial to Amazon FBA sellers.
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