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ANZ route-Australia route map-Australia route

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-05-31
Australia (Australia) route Refers to the port route of the Australian country. Australia is a fast-growing capitalist country with the Coral Sea and Tasman Sea in the Pacific Ocean to the east and the Indian Ocean to the west. Australia is rich in materials and has a vast territory (the sixth largest area in the world). It is the only country in the world that monopolizes the mainland. The most economically developed country in the southern hemisphere is Australia. The world ’s 12th largest economic system and the world ’s fourth largest exporter of agricultural products are also the world ’s first exporters of a variety of minerals. New Zealand (also known as New Zealand) routes Refers to the routes of New Zealand ports. New Zealand belongs to Oceania and is an island country located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. The largest city in New Zealand is Auckland, and the capital is Wellington. New Zealand is a modern and prosperous developed country. In the past few decades, it has been dominated by agriculture and has successfully transformed into a free market economy that is extremely internationally competitive and industrialized.
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