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Answer: international ocean shipping, Musical Instruments like the guzheng how to package?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-10
International logistics by sea, long distance, time, to furniture, Musical Instruments, such as the valuables packaging requirements are also higher. VIPU international logistics lp general Supply Chain for instrument packaging method is as follows, In guzheng, for example) : open the cover the guzheng, will the strings and piano (code is removed Prevent strings fracture during the process of transportation) 。 Then use shock bubble film professional packaging materials and three outer layer in the pearl cotton package, so that you can avoid guzheng and other items of friction caused the surface scratches. In the package after good shockproof bubble film and pearl cotton, cardboard package, do a size cartons suitable shape of guzheng koto creamy-coloured. Finally, using a wooden box, made of processed wood, do not need fumigation, put in the packaged guzheng.
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