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Answer: international logistics shipping destination address can be changed on the way?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-10
VIPU international logistics service Supply Chain of international logistics, have such a situation: when personal items have been checked by the boat, in the shipping on the way, suddenly found to change the address abroad? Please be assured that is no problem. Generally speaking, as long as your goods haven't reached the overseas port, you can free to change the destination address. If arrived at the port, the goods still in customs clearance process without delivery, generally we are still allowed to change, but may be charged a fee according to the circumstance. Encountered this kind of thing to change the address, please notify us immediately, because we need communication with overseas staff, because of the time difference, sometimes there will be a delay. Change of address is best to have a written notice, such as the use Email or QQ, WeChat, don't just give us a call, after all, the mouth says, but Email or WeChat, QQ, etc can be record, it is very important. In private before the goods arrive at port, it is best to call us again to confirm whether the shipping address has been updated successfully.
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