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Answer: international logistics risk sea transportation?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-03-14
International logistics, sea transportation, it is shipping personal items, with a regular cargo shipping way, as there is risk: natural disasters, lack of packaging goods turbulence caused by the damaged or man-made property damage is likely to happen. Now, however, ships go international routes are tons, general waves won't have what effect, if can cause tons container ship capsized, that an estimated several worst tsunami. The occurrence probability of basically negligible. And as for the packaging, VIPU international logistics Supply Chain has the most professional furniture furniture packaging team, whether it is conventional furniture or fragile packaging, can provide for our customers to the greatest extent to protect as much as possible. In addition, by default, we have to buy insurance on the cargo to the customer, thought the customer in special circumstances to seek the corresponding compensation. Above, the general international logistics private goods transportation risks are under control. Even airlines have occasional accident probability, VIPU Supply Chain never fully 100% of security, can only give their best to safeguard the rights and interests of clients. This hope all international logistics customer knowledge and understanding.
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