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And VIPU Supply Chain after conclude a contract for the international sea/air freight logistics, customer what are the principal

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-03-13
Entrust VIPU Supply Chain after the carrier of your personal belongings, the door packaging, land/sea/air transport, customs clearance, delivery, and even rubbish such as most of the work are made by VIPU international Supply Chain logistics lp. So the customer wants to do what, or what are the responsibilities? 1. First of all, please ensure that you in valuation, packaging ( If you hire a professional packaging company for packaging) Your items, if you have any dissent or in the process of packing found not in conformity with the contract, please your comments and Suggestions are put forward. 2. When transporting jewelry, antiques and crystal and other valuables ( It is not recommended to transport these goods, can carry yourself) , you need to take full responsibility, please make sure all the goods have been packed well and do mark. 3. Please confirm the goods again at the time of loading such packing. 4. You need to fill in the item list, make sure you know all of the cargo. 5. Please make sure you verify again after signed freight list. 6. You also need to ensure that the goods using the items and without any prohibited item.
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