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Analyze the logistics of living in Canada

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-03-12
More and more people choose logistics to live in Canada, but excluding the costs of pre-immigrant application and other expenses, living in Canada is also a lot of expenses. Below VIPU Supply Chain International Logistics will introduce you to some of the experience of those who have come, and hope to bring you For reference. Logistics to live in Canada: Clothing Since Canada is a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural immigration country, and the clothing of each ethnic group is different, no one cares about what to wear in Canada, mainly for comfort and convenience. There is a strange feeling that in any season you can see the clothing of all seasons. In winter, some wear down jackets, miniskirts and shorts vests, and autumn clothes. I often wrap myself in a rigorous down jacket and look at those Western women who wear coats and short skirts. I feel that they may be ethnically different. Why don't they feel cold? Because there is heating indoors and in the car, many people wear singles and cotton jackets in winter. Thick sweaters can be said to be the most useless clothes. Wearing them is not enough to keep out the cold outdoors, and it is too hot for you to stand indoors. New immigrants often imagine how cold Canada is before landing, so they desperately bring more sweaters, but they are useless. In addition, Canadians often wear casual clothes unless there are important activities. So I don’t need to bring more suits. I wear my suit several times during job interviews, and I will be put on the shelf as soon as I work. logistics to live in Canada: Since Shi is ready to go to the West, of course I have prepared every day for KFC and McDonald’s before going abroad. Who knows that this is not the case here. Maybe because I am in Toronto, a city with a lot of Chinese people, there are many supermarkets opened by Chinese people, so basically you can buy all kinds of Chinese food. As long as you can make it yourself, it can be the same as what you eat in China. Say the same, but in fact it is different. It may be mostly because of genetically modified foods. The taste is very different from that of China. My feeling is unpalatable. Although the cucumber is also the same, the one here is long and thick, with a soft texture, which makes people really miss the small gherkin with yellow flowers on the head and thorns all over the country. Grapes are very sweet, but as hard as dates, I don’t know if they are considered grapes. The skin of the apple always seemed to be waxed. Tomatoes are too hard to pinch... Besides, most of the restaurants and supermarkets here are opened by Hong Kong people, so they are all Cantonese style. Northerners are not used to it at all. Want to eat pork stewed vermicelli? Go dreaming. If any buddy is particularly rich, you can open a 'Mainland Supermarket' and list the main foods from all over China. Or you can open a 'Mainland Food City' to gather the eight major Chinese cuisines and bring real Chinese cuisine to Canada, which will help you make a fortune-you know that there are more and more Chinese immigrants, and they are all middle class. It is a pity that there are too few real multimillionaires from mainland immigrants, and no one has such a big deal. I waited for the mainland immigrants to fly back to China to eat pork stewed vermicelli, braised pork, goubuli steamed buns, Sichuan hot pot or Yangzhou fried rice. Logistics to live in Canada: When housing mentions 'livingWe have almost brought the clothes from China, and meals are relatively cheap. 300 Canadian dollars a month is enough. Only 'liveToronto housing prices are growing, but we don’t want to sleep on the road, so we had to reluctantly get slaughtered while thinking, when I buy a house, hum, hum...An important reason for the high housing prices in Toronto may be because of the new Because of the increasing number of immigration. Other surrounding cities are much lower, for example, Ottawa housing prices are almost half of Toronto's. So I advise you to consider other cities. Logistics to live in Canada: Most Toronto citizens travel by car, but for new immigrants, they mainly take TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) buses and subways. The most inconvenient thing about taking TTC is that each stop has no name, and if no one pulls the bell to stop, the driver will drive forward without stopping at all, so new immigrants may often take the stop. Fortunately, the distance between the stations is very close, mostly between 200 and 300 meters. Since we are used to walking the Chinese, what a road is this! There is also the fare is not cheap, like Beijing China Bus, two yuan on the train. When I first arrived, I was walking around the three or four stops, and I converted two Canadian dollars into RMB, which was more than ten dollars! The most convenient way to take TTC is that all buses run from one subway station to another subway station, so the traffic is very convenient. Moreover, you need a transfer ticket (Transfer) when you get on the bus and pay the money, so you can 'sister, go forward boldlyIn other words, a ticket can go from the far north to the far south of Toronto, but not the return journey. In addition, there is another very pleasant 'unused' when we walk across the road, that is, pedestrians have priority. As long as you obey the traffic rules, fast-driving cars have to stop and let you go first. If you are accustomed to the domestic situation where drivers are robbing pedestrians, you will often stand and wait for him. The result is that you wait for him and he waits for you. When I first arrived, I used to cross the road. I was shocked before moving on. It's good to think about this feeling of being respected. It's a pity that it doesn't work in China. If you want to be like this, don't even think about driving. You have to know that we have more than one billion people. The above content is about the people who have immigrated to Canada to explain the basic necessities of living in Canada. For everyone to understand, friends with immigration logistics needs are welcome to contact VIPU Supply Chain International.
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