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Analysis on the Factors of Timber Import Declaration

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-09-05
my country is short of forest resources, but it is a real big consumer of timber resources, with more than 60% of timber imported into the country every year. Hengbang acts as an agent for the import declaration of timber from Southeast Asia and South Africa, provides seaborne imports, agent inspections, and cooperates with customs price review to strictly control the cost of timber imports and ensure that timber imports are fast and smooth.

When the timber import declaration arrives at the port, the customs inspects, fumigates, and quarantine the imported timber, and the estimated duty-paid value of timber will be levied proportionally. To assess the duty-paid price of wood, we must first determine the value. The value of imported wood has many factors, mainly in the following aspects:

Loading and unloading of all kinds of imported timber

1. The same material has different sizes and different prices: If you make a piece of furniture and use large materials of the same material, you can use it directly without splicing, while small materials need to be spliced ??into boards before use. Due to the scarcity of materials, it is hard to find and the price is relatively high;

2. The price of the new and old materials of the same material is different: the new and old materials are determined according to the time of felling. The older ones are the old materials, which have the advantages of good material properties, stable wood properties, and not easy to bend or deform. In addition, the oiliness is high and easy to produce slurries. These characteristics are not available in new materials, so the value of new materials is not as high as that of old materials;

Customs checks and reviews the price of imported timber

3. The origin of the wood is different, and the price is also different: because the soil, climate and other environments in different regions are different, the nutrients and other ingredients provided are also different, so the wood material is different;

4. Different varieties of the same wood have different prices: Take the rosewood as an example. In addition to the commonly known Siamese rosewood, there are also white rosewood, flower rosewood, and purple rosewood commonly known in the industry. Woodiness and other aspects are incomparable with Siamese rosewood, and the price is far from that of Siamese rosewood.
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