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Analysis of bulk logistics transportation cost

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-09-03
The cost of bulk transportation is the various costs incurred to complete the transportation of goods, generally expressed in terms of operating expenses per unit of transportation products. For any type of transportation, the transportation cost is composed of two parts: the cost of the station and the cost of transportation on the way.

1. The cost of the station includes the cost of cargo loading and unloading, warehouses, docks, management and operation agencies, and maintenance. The size of this cost is only related to the volume and weight of the goods, and has nothing to do with the transportation distance.

2. The cost on the way includes transportation manpower consumption, line depreciation, management maintenance, transportation tool wear, power consumption, insurance, etc. The size of this part of the cost is proportional to the transportation distance of the goods.

The relationship between transportation cost and distance

Since the transportation cost is composed of the station cost that has nothing to do with the transportation distance and the transit cost that increases with the increase of the transportation distance, the longer the transportation distance, although the total transportation expenditure increases, the station operation cost is allocated to the unit transportation cost ( However, the lower the cost in the transportation cost ratio), the lower the unit transportation cost. Cars are suitable for short-distance transportation, while water transportation is suitable for long-distance bulk cargo transportation. This situation just reflects the different proportions of the cost composition of various modes of transportation in transportation costs, and reflects the technical and economic characteristics of various modes of transportation.

The relationship between transportation cost and volume

   The freight turnover that can be completed by various transportation methods also affects the level of transportation costs. We can also divide the transportation cost into two parts: one part is related to the transportation volume, which increases with the growth of the transportation volume, which is called the variable transportation ship fuel cost, port cost, and loading and unloading machinery power cost, loading and unloading piece calculation in the loading and unloading cost. Salaries are variable costs: ship depreciation, enterprise management costs, and machinery depreciation costs in handling costs are fixed costs.

The relationship between transportation costs and transportation methods

   Reasonable choice of transportation mode is an important aspect to ensure transportation quality and improve transportation efficiency. Various transportation methods have their own characteristics, and materials with different characteristics have different requirements for transportation activities. When there are multiple transportation methods to choose from, there is a problem of choosing the best. Choosing a transportation method is a non-procedural decision-making problem. It is difficult to formulate a unified standard. It can only be done in accordance with certain principles and local conditions when organizing the transportation of goods.
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