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An exclusive sneak peek: do make a tank container business really need how long?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-03-14
Do children's shoes all know container business, often because of a variety of situations and temporary single blanks, then escape customers have chicken fly a dog to jump, how still didn't make good single, how still not mention good ark, you not efficiency and the like, small make up can't we don't want to say this pan back and back. Perhaps in the eyes of some customers don't know the industry situation, the container is as easy to vegetable market to buy bundle cabbage. List and mention the cabinet are actually need a lot of work link, a number of processes, takes a lot of manpower material resources to deal with, usually get a three to five hours is not mention ark, unless you are luck breezy today. Small make up today to give us the different ship company process of the tank, to show you how our operation colleagues at ordinary times of fighting with the ship company. Say first hit single. To get the customer SO ( 航运报价) Later, we are going to play single and ark also mention ark, shipping company have not the two business documents is not recognized, equal to nothing. Now also ark single is multifarious also, everything in it. Have a piece of A4 paper will get EIR format ( For example, CMA, MAERSK, etc. ) And also have a type a few ship company dedicated format ( For example says there, etc. ) , there is also a need for the color of the original shipping company dedicated format ( K - LINE, for example, OOCL, etc. ) , there is also a need to ship company chop or signature of the shipping company special format ( For example, HANJIN, hapag-lloyd, etc. ) , there are only need to use the electronic ticket SO format ( For example, MSC) 。 Single site are always not in the same place, some will go to the ship company dedicated to play single of a single window, some are going to play single ship generation. Some shipping companies play single point here, in just a few kilometers away. Trailer the offices of the company and shipping company to play single point are not together, will also look for a person to send in the past dozen list, played the and take back, were once, also need some time. The shipping company is generally to begin to work after 9 PM, also is not a walking to him immediately to singles out, went to the bank take the money you save money and get in line. Each shipping company every day tens of thousands of copies of a single to play, can only, etc. , general is not a one or two hours. If can earlier than this time, can only congratulate you lucky enough to go to buy lottery today. Got the sheet, give the driver to mention ark, this is just the beginning, though yantian is so big, but make a tank for a run around 10 km, is a very normal thing. First of all, get together the driver information to dock to mention ark, from A brake in. Yantian gate in and out of the container truck at least tens of thousands of every day, if you don't need to line up in, is your good luck. Bad luck, find an one or two hours still couldn't get into the terminal is also very normal thing. What have a typhoon, heavy traffic, have no access to five or six hours, every driver is encountered. 1, advanced brake. 2, and went in after, take container list first fill in data, and then to fly larvae room fly larvae ( Is the terminal to allow you to mention ark of proof) 。 3, give the completed form to fly larvae, then, etc ( Line up the ubiquitous) 。 4, if hall display shows the driver's license plate, will take Hong Kong express card and id card to brush on the machine. 5, brush after the fly larvae and take the corresponding seal, fly larvae marked with the location of the container. 6, came to the dock, in charge of condole ark & other Black kite & throughout; The cabinet will find the corresponding shipping company, hanging to the car. 7, and then going to dock local test cabinet, if to check the cabinet has damaged or oil, that I'm sorry, put the cabinet back, to hang a ark. Ark of 8, test no problem, take fly larvae to the gate for single type brake of paper. 9, get out of the gate, you can say that is the real mentioned tank, formally effective container number and seal number. 10, in the gate brush Hong Kong express, can out of the gate. Edit summary: the above process, it is simple, but almost every program must wait in line, the whole process go down the time it takes a lot of. According to the small make up colleagues experience, the normal one or two hours to mention ark is pretty good. Above is to do small make up to introduce the specific process of the tank container business and spend time, VIPU international logistics lp perennial Supply Chain for people to go abroad or home to provide professional door to door double clear GuanGuoJi logistics services, shipping multinational carry furniture will find VIPU international logistics Supply Chain. If you have this aspect demand, are welcome to call our hotline for free.
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