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American LCL international shipping agent finds

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-08-17
We know that there are many freight forwarding companies on the market, and customers will have a lot of concerns when choosing. After all, there are so many freight forwarding companies that are both good and bad. We can't guarantee which one is reliable. This can only be witnessed after cooperation. . Through customer inspection and practice, we can accurately understand that Zhuhai VIPUTRANS Logistics Co., Ltd. is a professional LCL international shipping agency company in the United States, maintaining close cooperative relations with many shipping companies and providing high-end international shipping agency transportation services. Possess sufficient storage space protection, provide free US air freight import BOND, rich customs clearance experience in the United States, fast timeliness, guarantee customers timely collection of goods; undertake shipping booking, bulk cargo warehousing, customs declaration and inspection agency, warehousing packaging, etc., to provide customers Professional, efficient and guaranteed one-stop service (door-to-door service) for double clearing of high-end American shipping bulk cargo.

VIPUTRANS has the advantages of LCL:
There are many bulk cargoes that can be handled, including clothing, hardware, shoes, hats, electronic products, lighting products, accessories, packaging, automobiles, accessories, electronic components, luggage, tools, etc.
LCL strength: TWTH GROUP INC., a branch in the United States, has BONO from the US Department of Transportation, and its delivery network covers the entire United States
Fully undertake freight and miscellaneous expenses prepaid/paid on delivery (DDP/DDU), triangular trade transfer, and door-to-door transportation services at the port of destination
Free storage, door-to-door delivery
Fine sorting/repackaging/labeling
Inquiry and tracking service of cargo transportation status

American LCL International Shipping Agency

Below, VIPUTRANS will briefly introduce some common-sense issues of American LCL international shipping, so that customers can better understand the basic information they need to know in international cargo transportation.
American LCL shipping charges:
The first paragraph is the ground cost of the port of departure, the second paragraph is the freight, and the third paragraph is the ground cost of the destination port. The first and the third paragraphs are basically relative regulations, while the second paragraph of the freight will be adjusted according to the shipping market. Then, the freight forwarder integrates the cargo of each LCL consignor, and then the port of departure arranges the container with the owner in the name of the freight forwarder, and the destination port receives the goods in the name of its own agent, and then the freight forwarder’s destination port agent will unpack the container. Distribute the goods to the actual consignee.

General quotation for shipping to the United States:
Domestic shipping quotations are generally quoted as a shipping fee, plus an operating fee. Operating costs are generally used to pay for the relatively specified port costs, while shipping costs are used to pay for related shipping costs. Of course, there are also differences in shipping costs. Arrival and door-to-door prices.

American LCL agency:
As an international shipping agency for LCL from China to the United States, the total amount of operating fees charged by all ports of departure, LCL shipping freight and operating costs at the destination port, calculated from the profit margin, is more than the total container fixed with the ship owner. The total cost of expenses. However, LCL requires attention to operating experience. The more freight forwarders handled, the greater the cost stack.
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