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Amazon will open new _VIPUTRANS performance center in Utah

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-06-23
Recently, amazon announced that it will open a new performance center in the Utah west Jordan. According to introducing, the new performance center has more than 100 square feet of warehouse, and will be used for picking, packing and transportation of large customer items, such as sports equipment, garden furniture, fishing rod, pet food, canoeing, cycling, and a large household items. The company currently employs more than 2000 employees, the state and said the new factory will employ more than 800 employees. Amazon vice President of global customers to perform Alicia Boler, Davis said. Company is very happy to be able to open a new, state-of-the-art performance center & ndash; — West Jordan, and in a commitment to provide good opportunities for employment and customer experience states continue to innovate. Utah has a team of talented staff, very glad to be in more than 2000 have been to the state's customer service staff to increase employment opportunities. ” Amazon's performance of the network through amazon Fulfillment product support dozens of companies of all sizes around the world, and many local organizations in Utah.
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