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Amazon _VIPUTRANS logistics delivery process

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-06-23
What is the amazon logistics delivery process? What is the delivery skills? As the saying goes. The paper clay, leading & throughout; And we haven't mean when war horses, the paper will be the first to the field reserves. For a long time, logistics and inventory problem is the key concern of sellers, plentiful stocks like hay is necessary with the rear of the soldiers fight in support, and logistics is grain transportation line, the paper determines the transport speed and aging. If the seller to get the two things, there would be no rear of, also can put more energy to focus on product sales and promotion, so to improve sales, it is not easy. So, many sellers will choose FBA amazon logistics services. So amazon logistics delivery, what exactly the process include:. Assume the product A, Listing are created; 2. Next, in the background into the seller delivery to the amazon distribution; 3. Barcode printing products, at the same time bear In mind that the product barcode and Made In China, because of entering the United States customs, country of origin label is important; 4. Create 5 FBA delivery plan. The 6 printed box. Contact forwarder, forwarder need the invoice and packing list information 7. Tracking the delivery tracking number. 8. Waiting for new products, according to the needs of subsequent promotion process of the operation. FBA delivery process need to pay attention to what issues: 1. Note shipping weight at the time of delivery, it is important to note that the weight of the shipment, because sometimes a difference of 1 kg, the freight will vary a lot. Send a 22 kg products, such as you in ups and 22 kg belongs to small goods, 40 + / kg, and 23 kg a ticket as long as 35, so calculate down, a difference of 1 kg to differ 200 + freight. It is better to multiple point, split it down, charge is a little bit cheaper. 2. Note the price timely because logistics forwarder is the price of the real time change, sometimes when you consulting is a price, but the delivery time may have been a rise in price. If you bid on Friday, next Monday before delivery, before shipment so we have to see the latest quotation, avoid because of price increases, rising logistics very. Because the price is generally according to the delivery time. 3. Shipping cost budget in order to better estimate the cost of each shipping ahead of time, you can make an earlier shipment cost budget sheet, so you can clear know how much is the cost of every budget, then process were compared and the actual expenses. Amazon FBA logistics three skills 1. Professional customer service you may need to make before delivery and customer service, to do a person busy not to come over, but choose the FBA delivery, only need to send goods to amazon operation center, amazon will be for you to complete warehousing, sorting, packaging, distribution, collection and return service, allows you to save the manpower cost. And amazon will also provide you with professional customer service 7 * 24 hours. 2. For commodity increase exposure is known to all, the commodity exposure will directly affect the sales, and use; Throughout the amazon logistics &; Goods will have a chance to get more exposure and to participate in the activities of sales promotion. And use; Throughout the amazon logistics &; After the amazon Prime membership will be able to see your goods, and these goods can enjoy free shipping service. 3. High cost performance FBA bring many skills, at the same time, ratio of special touching. FBA support flexible payment model & ndash; — No minimum charge, set up fee or monthly fee. You only need to pay to use amazon logistics goods storage and order distribution services.
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