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Amazon VAT 2 service upgrade. 0 version _VIPUTRANS power sellers, VAT tax

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-06-24
Recently, the Amazon platform to launch VAT Services on Amazon. 2. 0 version. It is understood that VAT Services on Amazon is a kind of value added tax compliance solution, by the seller to help merchants center online management of Britain, Germany and other countries VAT registration and reporting obligations. The 2. 0 version updates, provides businesses with new the status of the control panel page, the seller can see VAT number registration process, and track different countries registered progress; After entering the page, sellers can in the new VAT Services on Amazon's online form to fill in complete information input interface, a new online form also supports the seller through the upper interface of the progress of navigation freedom of choice to fill in order, fill out way more simple and intuitive; In addition, the VAT Services on Amazon 2. 0 version also provides a clear and complete required documents for the application for VAT number material check list, convenient sellers convenience, quick to upload the required documents. In addition to the new version of the above three bright spots, Amazon also launched a VAT Services on Amazon's exclusive seller support team, and is equipped with Chinese service, to the seller in the new VAT Services on Amazon use of questions. We have learned, in October this year, British tax department used to track down the amazon, eBay sellers VAT tax avoidance and platform, $5. 8. 5 billion pounds. And in the same period, the French government has enacted laws and regulations, frauds asked amazon must to France on January 31, 2020 sellers of tax information relevant institutions provide a third party. The VAT Services on Amazon. 2. 0 version of the launch, on the one hand, is affected by the euro 2020 bonus, attract more sellers in the amazon Europe stood, on the other hand, is the amazon sellers tax problems give response after a third party. ( Source: electric business)
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