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Amazon upgrade logistics sorting facilities in Germany _VIPUTRANS invested nearly 200 million euros

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-06-23
On September 4, news, amazon has invested nearly 200 million euros in Germany to upgrade 2 sorting center, and several small sorting facilities, to cope with the upcoming western shopping season deliver requirements. We have learned, at present, amazon has 25 scale of logistics facilities in Germany, hire 1 logistics personnel. 30000 people, including 13 large sorting center, three regional distribution centers and nine terminal station. The upgrade of 2 sorting center is located in the western Rhine - respectively The neckar triangle economic circle city of franken tal ( Frankenthal) And northwest department gladbach, including amazon will in borussia monchengladbach in 100 million euros to provide technology and equipment, around 80 million euros the franken tal. Put into use in early August borussia monchengladbach sorting center; DUS4” Can provide more than 1000 full-time jobs, the first year will also be equipped with can deliver 3 here. 40000 shelves and packaging of the machine, the staff will be trained to operate the robots. Put into operation in early June franken tal sorting center of more than 1600 employees will work together with advanced robot. Therefore, amazon is equipped with more than 70 technical engineers to ensure smooth access port 100000 parcels every day. Here also reserves the amazon's 11 million pieces of goods and goods of small and medium-sized enterprises, most of the small size of the goods. In addition, the amazon in the house near Berlin Brandenburg international airport where regional distribution centers, in this autumn will also formally operation, covers an area of 3. 40000 square meters. Learned that amazon is a strong logistics industry layout, at the same time of leased aircraft forming machine shipping fleet, the resignation of employees in amazon also encourage entrepreneurship, create for amazon's service delivery enterprise. Amazon logistics department more storage and distribution center is the national construction, and actively expand the air cargo business, expanding; A day of & throughout; The scope of services. At the same time, amazon also by testing unmanned vehicles, launched; Amazon key & throughout; Application methods such as shipping method innovation.
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