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Amazon upgrade Amazon _VIPUTRANS function appears help sellers promote sales

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-06-24
On September 5 news, Amazon Amazon appears formal upgrade test last year, began to open to more brands, add social media AD measurement and increase the batch operation function. According to introducing, Amazon appears new social media advertising functions allow application in measurement, let brand sellers can based on how consumers can find them on Amazon, research and purchase products, thus effectively measuring the impact of their social media advertising activities. Amazon said the real-time analysis capabilities, sellers can be an objective evaluation of each flow channel, maximize the optimize ROI return on investment, and controls the invalid AD exposure and waste discharge. At the same time, Amazon appears to allow the batch operation, only need to upload a document, you can create up to 100000 attribute appears, effectively user trajectory tracking various channels. Once the tags to create successful brands can download the related documents and data to be obtained. At present, Amazon appears function will expand to station in England. Therefore, Britain and the United States stand amazon suppliers are available on the web client login and use this feature. American brand sellers can also be in the center of the seller's entry into, and use this feature. Public data shows, Amazon appears, simplifies the advertising measure of the seller, the seller can according to consumer found on Amazon, research, and the way to buy products, to measure the search, display and video advertising campaign media channels, help the seller to maximize return on investment, improve the seller's sales. Amazon appears unique transformation measures ( Including Amazon detail page views, purchase rate, and sales) For the seller provides a comprehensive view, allow sellers to understand each of the marketing strategy for buyers on amazon shopping activities.
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