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Amazon totality or acquisition will expand network _VIPUTRANS groceries

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-06-23
According to foreign media reported recently, amazon is not just in the parking lot after acquisition of the whole chain set up some intelligent express tank, near the intent actually more ambitious. ; Throughout the last mile &; Expert Marek Ró 吗? Ycki and Postal Hub podcasts, professor Ian Kerr has made an analysis. According to the New York times recently, the United States, as early as in 2017, amazon internal flow with a named; Everyone can enjoy grocery shopping & throughout; Memos, and drew a picture of the blueprint of the new grocery chain. It is understood that the new grocery store will sell fresh fruits and vegetables and pre-packaged food, and other fresh or can store such as filling foods may be stored in where a certain distance from customers, customers can through the APP order in advance to buy the fresh products, when it to shops to buy fresh food can be extracted, at the same time in the grocery store will also set up an online order offline pickup of single place, can also convenient Courier handling; Throughout the last mile &; Delivery packing. In the memo issued after a short a few months later, the amazon to buy the whole foods, overnight among the top American grocery retailer, promptly to the traditional grocery store to stock market. It is reported that at present the memorandum is no longer the amazon internal communication. After two years of; Get along with & throughout; Amazon seems to touch some retail products sold and delivered fresh doorways. Today, amazon is blasting is developing new grocery chain project, purchase and order online entity pickup on two legs. Analysis pointed out that in the amazon to buy before the total eclipse dabbled in retail grocery especially fresh, even if limited to sell food, which can be stored food, and after launch; Throughout the amazon fresh &; Express delivery service is no more beautiful. The reason should be the amazon not localized storage facilities, so he didn't do big fresh service. The whole emerges. Whole foods when there are 469 stores in the United States, annual sales of about $16 billion. At the same time, the United States has a total of 2. 50000 operating a wide range of large supermarkets, for $440 billion total, a whole accounted for about 4%. This gave amazon good omnivorous starting point. However, although amazon can adjust the price of the whole to meet amazon's low-cost framework, but merger for amazon's deliver network will not be easy. Whole foods stores have chosen is not like amazon warehouse to be, because the picker in the whole foods store need to shuttle between shelves corridor as customers rather than large Spaces. It is understood that a few years ago, one of the world's three largest retail companies of the British grocery business tesco ( TESCO) Pilot a new concept; Dark stores throughout the &; , that is, design is very suitable for supermarket picker, without Windows. Finally, after two years of effort, amazon can provide its members with main cities in the United States at a whole goods 2 hours fastest delivery service. ; Throughout the last mile &; Delivery is critical for amazon grocery store, therefore, there are rumors that amazon will also increase its investment in grocery retailing, but not necessarily expand the whole network, 2 it is to consider the design more; Order online entity pickup & throughout; The stores. When people are guessing, the New York times reported that amazon is hiring store design, design how to satisfy a variety of consumer demand in a store, and amazon is looking for more retail outlets in whole foods stores around. Analysis, according to the can speculate that amazon is to build a hub radiant infrastructure structure, one of the stores can be used as a peripheral; Satellite & throughout; The sorting center of the store. Amazon grocery business spread in the United States, may also need to more than 500 stores.
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